Are You Stuck, Stagnant or Plateau-ed?

Here’s the Breakthrough You Need to Clear Your Emotional Clutter

Enjoy More FREE Time, Free-Flowing Abundance

and a Blissful Peace of Mind – So You Become Like a Quiet, Powerful River

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The fact is your emotional stuff – unresolved hurts and unsettled scores – owns you.

Emotional stuff often attaches to physical stuff and together – they’re killing your life.

Here’s the truth about physical and emotional clutter:

  • You feel depressed and overwhelmed because you’re disorganized

  • It creates confusion and makes you indecisive

  • You feel ashamed and inadequate

  • It stresses you out and creates conflict in your relationships

  • You’re “stuck” in key areas of your life  – your health, your relationships, your money

  • There’s no room for anything new to come into your life

  • And here’s the big one: You are missing opportunities for wealth, health and happiness that you don’t even know about

Let me ask you…

Do you feel “bogged down” by all the stuff – emotions of the past and physical junk that comes with it – that you lug from one home to the next?

Are you overwhelmed by all the tasks, obligations, appointments and distractions – you have to do?

Clutter is isn’t just your physical stuff, it’s your thoughts and emotions as well.


It blocks the flow of your money, wastes your time and drains your energy.

It’s time to let go of all your OLD clutter so that you can finally let NEW energy come into your life.

Join me for SoulSpace a 30 day Soul Journey that will clear not just your physical clutter, but your mental and emotional clutter as well.

You will let go of the things that no longer serve you, you will discover that this simple process of self-discovery is a powerful, emotional cleanse that:

  • Creates a beautiful, un-cluttered home that provides you with a peaceful, productive environment…

  • Frees up the flow of money for the prosperity you desire

  • Opens the channels to attract the loving partner and relationships you long for

  • Reveals the paths to the job or career that excites you and unleashes your energy and creativity so you can rapidly create the life of your dreams.


If you could magically wave a wand and get rid of the stuff you don’t need, the stuff that drains your energy, the stuff that you don’t know what to do with but feel guilty about throwing away… how much space would open up in your life.

What if you had space where you can relax and let go, where you can finally feel?

What if you had space to bring in something new, something you really love that brings you joy.

What if you had space so you can hear yourself think, listen to your guidance and find yourself again?





bullet  Safe

bullet  Peaceful

bullet  Hopeful

bullet  Relaxed

bullet  Refreshing

bullet  Inspiring

bullet  Feeling good inside and out



  • You will re-create your living space to support the life you have always dreamed of living

  • You will let go of all of the stuff that no longer serves you and create a space for new possibilities

  • You will deepen your understanding of yourself as you emotionally dismantle and physically renovate your surroundings

  • You will face the truth about your belongings, confront your fears, unclutter your space and discover your REAL desires and truths

  • You will have more energy, feel more inspired and be more creative – FINALLY living in the flow




  • A Daily Email to prepare and support you each day of the Cleanse

  • 8 Downloadable 30 Minute Master Classes with Adoley to address key stages of your journey (two released each week)

  • Weekly Worksheets to identify and list the clutter you need to let go of that week and record your results

  • A Private SoulSpace Online Community [not Facebook] created especially for you, where you can interact with fellow travelers, receive support and share your progress on this transformational journey

  • A Live, Interactive Weekly Coaching Call with Adoley to receive one on one guidance and support

  • 8 Unique Meditations and prayers to set your mind and spirit for confidence, peace of mind, receptivity and success

  • PLUS – 2 LIVE BONUS CALLS from professional organizer, Charlotte Stewart and Feng Shui Master, Karter Diamond and Forgiveness Counselor and author, Ana Holub

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SoulSpace is a 30-Day process of letting go of your physical clutter FAST. Clearing clutter by yourself can be overwhelming and exhausting. The beauty of SoulSpace is that you do it in community. You challenge one another and offer support, advice and encouragement on the journey. This is a 30-Day Challenge with a surprise gift for the winners!

You will learn FAST effective strategies from expert organizers to clear physical clutter from your home and workplace AND even more important how to keep your home clutter free going forward.



This week is about understanding clutter and the far-reaching effects on our lives.  You will learn FAST effective strategies to clear physical clutter from your home or workplace. You will uncover the invisible chords that bind you to your clutter and begin to cut them.  You will prepare for your SoulSpace Journey.




Your repetitive thoughts can create mental clutter that prevents you from thinking clearly and making wise decisions.  You will learn how to dismantle your mind chatter, breaking the stranglehold of negative thoughts,worry, complaining and blaming. You will identify the incompletions (unfinished projects and tasks)- that stand in the way of achieving your dreams and goals.




We carry emotional baggage and often hold onto or suppress our emotions refusing to express or release them.  You will explore your upsets and learn to acknowledge, feel and honor your emotions. You will identify your tolerations (things you tolerate that upset you), and incomplete communications that hold you hostage. You will learn to identify the things you can change and cannot change and how to let go.




When you clear away your clutter you can connect with your inner guidance and the Infinite Intelligence that created you. You can then align with your life purpose so you can truly express your divine talents and gift and be your authentic self. As we explore unforgiveness, judgment and grievances towards others and yourself, you will learn practical tools to help you let go of the past.

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If there are things missing from your life, there’s a good chance they are reflected in the space in which you live. If there are issues that you have been holding on to, you will likely see them represented in the objects and the space in your home as well.




Your home is the place where your soul along with your body can rest and rejuvenate before you go back out into the world to live and create your dreams.

Clearing out the clutter gives you a new beginning and a sense of order and predictability which creates stability.

Let go of things you regret, gifts you don’t like, things that don’t fit, you never wear or use.

Out of the predictability and order comes calm and a deep sense of relief.

Discarding your past, fills you with an exuberant sense of the new.

Giving birth to new possibilities and opportunities that reflect who you really are.

What would you like to make more space for in your life?



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[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Get SoulSpace right now, and use it for the next 30 DAYS. If the program does not live up to the claims stated here, I don’t want your money, and I’ll give back every penny to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.[/guarantee_box_1]


We are stuffed full as a nation (sky high obesity levels) super-sized homes, garages, refrigerators, closets, drawers are filled to overflowing with stuff. Our minds and our emotions are assaulted with information and stimulation 24/7.

For our lives to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of life force energy in our homes and in ourselves, our minds, body and spirit.

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Sorting out your life by sorting out your clutter results in a tremendous renewal of your life force energy.

Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space, so clearing your clutter creates much needed space in your life that allow new possibilities and experiences to come in.

The SoulSpace program does A DEEP CLEANSE by addressing the internal blockages that caused the physical manifestation. As you let go of emotions and thoughts that have been holding you hostage, corresponding changes occur internally too.

SoulSpace provides you with a safe space to address the root cause that has created the physical environment you have been living in.


Removing the obstacles to the harmonious flow of energy not only in your living environment but also in the thoughts and emotions that created that environment, opens the door for greater harmony in your life and the space for wonderful new opportunities to come to you.

Everything around you, especially your environment, mirrors your internal self. By changing your environment you also change the possibilities in your life.

Your internal self – your thoughts and emotions – created the conditions in your environment – by shifting your thinking and letting go of emotions that no longer serve you, you create real transformation – from the inside out.


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Do you REALLY want to hold onto all your old stuff and miss this once in a lifetime opportunity?   Or is it FINALLY time to let go, grab the life you deserve and become who you truly are meant to be?

To freedom, space and fulfillment!

Adoley Odunton
President, Healthier Living LLC

I can’t wait to hear your success stories as you free yourself from clutter frustration and distraction!

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