On this Wellness Revolution podcast, we have a crowd favorite – Kenji Kumara. If you have never experienced one of Kenji’s activations, then you are in for an enlightening treat, but if you have, then get ready for yet another mind-blowing awakening, compliments of a true light worker. Kenji’s spirit fills this podcast with humor, love, acceptance, peace and you can’t help feel it radiate from him.

Kenji Kumara serves as a “universal quantum-bridger”, initiator, catalyst and channel for ascended energies and is a messenger and visionary for the New Millennials and New Earth consciousness. His Mission statement is sharing the Joy of Awakening – for those that are ready for their full self-empowerment.

Kenji has dedicated his life to assisting those teachers, healers and leaders who desire to experience a deeper connection with The Presence. He does not consider himself a healer or even a teacher or master – he is what he is and allows everyone else to be who they are, and his role is to bring out the best in others and to see them in their highest light and being-ness.

Hear about Kenji’s latest program, Spheres of Heavenly Light which teaches how to move our awareness effortlessly into the Quantum Field of possibilities automatically. It encompasses the “3 Ps” (Possibilities, Potentials and Parallel Realities) to reframe your destiny pattern and give relief to anxiety, worry and depression and actually shift physical symptoms. It will create more expression of joy and appreciation, increase inner peace and oneness and enhance our awareness of “stuff’.

Known for his unique ability to guide people into deep, shifting meditation with his gentle activations, Kenji does not disappoint with a 25 minute powerful attunement sure to transform and enlighten. You will walk away for this podcast lighter, calmer and with an expanded consciousness – so hold onto that and as Kenji would say, “Keep it Simple!” LOVE HIM!!!!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

5:05         What are the Wounds that Bind Us
10:42        How to Stay in the Present Moment
14:35        Collective Consciousness
17:09        How Kenji Deals with Change
27:29        Body Challenges and Limitations
28:00        Pray and Move Your Feet’
30:14        A simple, Quick Exercise By Kenji
32:57       The Field of Quantum Possibilities
39:05        An Understanding of Kenji’s Offer PUT IN NAME
45:00        Live EPIC Activation From Kenji
1:12:40     Q & A
1:20:25     How to Deepen Intuition
1:35:30     Kenji’s Closing Statement

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