It’s like a war zone out there for our bodies. They are under siege from toxins in plastics, pesticides, our drinking water and food additives and yes, even the air we breathe. Toxins are also lurking in all the lotions, creams, shampoos, deodorants and air fresheners we use regularly.

Our bodies are aging faster than they should from these dangerous compounds and they are scrambling our sex hormones so that women are sprouting facial hair and men are growing breasts! These toxins have commonly been found in people everywhere and sadly, even in newborns who have not yet even been exposed to the outside world.

It seems NO ONE is safe.

How do we escape these dangers and this toxic burden?

Fortunately, it is as simple as making certain super foods a part of  your diet.  They will help your body eliminate toxins by flushing your toxin-laden belly fat out of your body.  You will be thinner, healthier and feel younger.  Not to mention, losing those lady chin whiskers or man-boobs.

By adding these four foods into your daily eating habits, it won’t take long, even as little as 7 days, to drastically reduce inflammation, cleanse your liver and begin the process of flushing away your trapped fat cells.

Super Food #1 – Turmeric

This SUPER spice will kick your fat burning filter into high gear.

Turmeric acts an all-natural anti-inflammatory agent and can assist your liver’s enzymes in flushing out carcinogens from your body which is key for optimal health and efficient fat loss. The liver acts as a natural detoxifier – it is your body’s fat burning filter.

It is the liver’s responsibility to eliminate all the toxins from your body. If your liver is functioning poorly, besides draining your energy, it makes it more difficult to release any unwanted body fat.

But Turmeric is not only an aid in maintaining a healthy, functioning liver. There is evidence that the chemical found in turmeric, called curcumin, has been proven to help reduce joint pain which is a result of inflammation, as well as lowering blood sugar – which in turn, helps eliminate cravings and keeps your body like a fat-burning machine.

In the natural health community, turmeric is has been dubbed  the ‘Fountain of Youth’ for the multiple health benefits it provides. At one time and certainly not so anymore, it had been considered the ‘forgotten spice’ and used mainly in Indian foods. Now more and more research and studies are proving how powerful this root spice can be. Time to spice up your life!

Superfood #2 – Lemon Juice

Don’t be fooled in thinking that lemons are acidic because they are not. Inside your body they are alkaline and help balance the body’s pH level – which leads to better health and jacked up energy levels for you.

Fresh squeezed organic lemon juice supplies a potent detox effect because it purges toxins from the blood and supports removal of harmful compounds within the body.

Lemon juice is known to boost immune functions because it is filled to the max with beneficial ingredients like citric acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, bioflavonoids and pectin.

Another benefit in drinking lemon juice daily is that it has also been shown to improve digestive function, acting as a mild diuretic.

So start squeezing – or juicing – but just do it – every day. All it takes to start benefitting and to speed up fat loss is a medium sized lemon (preferably organic to avoid pesticides) in a small glass of water, taken every morning on an empty stomach and you are on your way to being supercharged.  Add xylitol, natural birch sugar, to taste for a perfect glass of lemonade.

Superfood #3 – Cruciferous Vegetables

Our Cruciferous little super friends are from the families of broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and cabbage. Also included are the distant relatives and lesser known swiss chard, arugula, collard greens, bok choy, kale and watercress.

So what makes these super vegies so super?

It’s all about that DIM (short for Diindolylmethane). DIM is a naturally occurring ingredient found in cruciferous vegetables and is strongly anti-estrogenic and helps stop bad estrogens that accumulate inside your body as part of the toxins in fat storing process. In other words….cruciferous vegetables crucify fat storing estrogen.

That nasty ole’ estrogen is the reason why women store excessive belly fat and men have chronically low testosterone levels – thus the man-boobs.

DIM to the rescue because it acts as an immuno-stimulant which means it keeps the bad estrogen at bay and also gives your immune system a kick in the pants. Resources have even credited this ingredient to having some anticancer properties.

Start including these potent super foods in your diet today.  TIP: Since DIM is oil soluble, eat them with healthy oils and good fats which will enhance the nutrient absorption of these crusading cruciferouses.

Superfood #4 – Tart Cherries

There are several good reasons to add a little zing to your daily diet by eating a hefty dose of tart cherries (or organic, flash pasteurized tart cherry juice). They can help your body recover faster, reduce joint pain because of their anti-inflammatory benefits, get a better night’s sleep and fight inflammation to “flush out” more trapped fat from your body.

Many published studies indicate tart cherries deliver a high level of protection against cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and can even fight against Alzheimer’s.

These little guys pack a BIG ‘anti-inflammatory’ punch and that is good news since anti-inflammatory prescriptions are being issued at an all-time high of over $100 million yearly.  These medicines have been shown to mess up the digestive system, cause damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.  Hello-o! Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the problem with a delicious cherry pie – a healthy version?   Pick up your free copy of Super Foods, Super Delicious – Maria Whalen’s fantastic recipes for a super-healthy life at

And guess what?  The anthocyanins and phenols found in tart cherries have been shown to provide STRONGER protection against muscle injury and damage than those dangerous drugs.

On top of that, this teeny, tiny super fruit has been proven to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness more than Ibuprofen and can shorten recovery time from exercise.

And it doesn’t stop there. Tart cherries contain a heavy dose of naturally occurring melatonin so sleep improves when ingesting them regularly.

Last but not least, they have one of the highest anti-oxidant levels of all fruits and  score outrageously low on the glycemic index making them one the best fruits to eat for fat loss.

So go get your daily tart on already!

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