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If you are feeling a little blue this holiday season, my creative visualization and relaxation session will replace any feelings of sadness, loss or just “blah”, with a feeling of relaxation and inner peace. Take time to appreciate your highs and lows this past year, to reconnect with family, friends, and most of all with yourself as you remember the true meaning of this holiday time.


Now you can use the same powerful technique used by top business people and athletes to excel at any activity by seeing themselves as winners. In this powerful program, Adoley helps you train your mental attitudes toward confidence, motivation and ultimate weight loss success as you listen to her relaxation sessions. They set the stage for success by establishing a powerful plan of action for creating your ideal healthy and slim body. This is a great way to get ready for an amazing 2015!

Listen ONCE in recommended order for Maximum Effect!!

Morning Motivator MP3
Create the Body You Want MP3
Getting Rid of Urges and Cravings MP3
Listen to How You Feel MP3
Your Amazing Mind – special report on the power of your mind and how to use it to change your body PDF