Has a piece of music ever lifted your spirits, changed your mood and even transported you back to another time and place so you experienced it as if it were happening right now?

Have you have experienced the power of sound to heal?

This weekend I had a bad headache because I was experiencing the die-off symptoms from a cleanse. That is until I listened to the music of Jill Mattson.

Jill’s music is beautiful. Above all it heals. It lifted my spirits, raised my frequency and in 10 minutes my headache was gone!

My dear friend, Kennedy Braeden, introduced me to the magical music of Jill Mattson, an author, artist, musician, singer and widely recognized expert and award-winning composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing.

Jill has spent over 25 years studying how sound was used for healing in ancient civilizations and secret societies worldwide and lectures through out the United States on “Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing”.

Jill’s CDs are individually designed to bring emotional, physical and spiritual healing in very specific ways. She uses sound to adjust the subtle energy fields of the body and bring it back into balance –restoring health and well-being.

One composition uses the healing benefits of flower essences in

vibratory form so you can access their healing properties. Another uses
sound to “tune” up different parts of the body including organs, tissues, muscles, nerves and collagen. Other CDs enhance whole brain functioning

to increase intelligence and accelerate learning or use sound to get into
deep states of meditation and access levels of higher consciousness.

Mark your calendar because I shall be interviewing Jill next

Wednesday at 2PM EST.

I promise you will love her music and be amazed at the scope of what it provides in the way of healing emotional, physical and spiritual conditions.

Listen to the Healing Music of Jill Mattson:

Schleranthus is from the Healing Flower Symphonies vol I

 My Soul