Today’s Miracle Monday story is mine.

Let’s face it, we all have a tendency to put our game face on and make sure that everything looks just fine – even when we’re in the midst of upheavals.

I’m a spiritual teacher and a coach. I help people navigate their challenges. I’m supposed to have all the answers. But the truth is not so neat.

Last year, I told you that I was taking some time off but I never went public with what was really going on.

It started in January… I got a message from God, my higher power, Source.

I was in meditation and I literally heard a voice booming in my head over and over again. “Quit work.”

My body seized up and I went into panic. “Quit, work?!” I couldn’t quit work. “Are you crazy??”!” I was the engine behind the business. Jim helped behind the scenes but his passion was writing.

Give up the money; the success? Risk everything I’d worked so hard for? No way.

The truth is that I’m a recovering workaholic and perfectionist. I hate losing control and being dependent on other people.

There I said it. Those are my real weak spots.

I put on a good face but now you know the truth.

But the voice wouldn’t stop…

I finally bit the bullet and quit work. Jim took over the business. Suddenly I was dependent on him. It put tremendous pressure on our relationship. I felt I was risking everything I loved.

Eventually I slowed down and started listening to my body. I began hearing the messages from God that I’d been too busy to hear.

Getting Still. Connected. At Peace.

The more I let go and TRUSTED, the more I was taken care of. The more I relaxed and was GRATEFUL for what I had, the more MIRACLES showed up everywhere… more money, better health, a thriving business, a better relationship, More PEACE and LOVE.

I was discovering a new way of living where I felt much more connected to my inner guidance, to God and to myself…

But how do you know when it’s your guidance talking to you? How do you tell that from the “voice of reason” all around you?

I got crystal clear on that when I came back to work…(and I’ll be sharing that with you).

And how do you stay CALM and PEACEFUL when things are frightening? (Yes, there really IS a way you can be LET GO OF WORRY).

By the end of the year, the pieces began coming to me, a kind of formula…

I knit together the most powerful teachings I’ve learned and used in over 30 years of spiritual practice and that have been used by many of the most successful people I know and then miraculously, a path cleared in front of me.

I’m ready to have a path cleared for me too!

A simple and incredibly POWERFUL set of keys to a life of SUCCESS, PEACE AND PURPOSE.

I discovered the places where you can enter the stream, swim with the current and stay in the flow of the universe.

And open yourself to the endless miracles around you, so you don’t have to work for every thing – where opportunities, gifts and money fall into your lap without your having to“make it happen.”

I’d like to help show you this pathway on a special call I’m hosting on Saturday, February 21.

and share this gift from the universe that I call The Easy Way

…because that’s exactly what it is.

To your success with ease and grace,

P.S. I know you’re ready to create miracles in your finances, health, career and relationships, let me show you how I did it. Yes, I’m ready for The Easy Way!