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My Wellness Revolution

I first heard Les Brown on the radio in Los Angeles. I had to pull the car over and turn off the engine, I was so captivated by what he was saying.

As I listened, every sentence and thought hit home and chipped off a piece of the conscious blocks that had been clouding my thoughts and crushing my life. I was being led out of the prison of my own limited, fear-based thinking one step at a time.

And he wasn’t even speaking to me.

Les was speaking to someone who had just lost everything; loved ones, home, business and, it looked possible, was about to lose her mind as well. As Les brought this poor woman back to her life, her possiblities and the freedom that comes with knowing the truth about herself, I was brought along with her.

I thank the Great Spirit, God or simply the presence, for Les Brown and his life-saving conversation. Please listen to him now and feel what I mean.

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My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution


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My Wellness Revolution

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