Our guest on this podcast of The Wellness Revolution is Dr. Todd Ovokaitys whose formal education was at Northwestern University and then onto an accelerated undergraduate/medical school program at Johns Hopkins University. Following this training, he completed an Internship, Residency and Chief Medical Residency in the Georgetown University Hospital System, where he also did a two year Fellowship in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine.

Dr. Todd is a healing pioneer who brilliantly blends the worlds of science and spirit. His work brings rapid healing through light and sound therapy combined with laser-infused supplements that is beyond anything imagined. As the true scientist he is, Dr. Todd gave us the scientific tests proving the efficacy of his supplements and shared client success stories on this podcast.

The nutritional supplements Dr. Todd creates can turn the clock back on aging, raise immunity, boost energy and increase longevity. Enhanced with his cutting edge laser technology, these nutritionals are showing such remarkable results that they are finally being acknowledged by the medical community.

Also on this podcast, Dr. Todd discusses his Pineal Toning™ – a sound system given to Dr. Todd “intuitively” that is believed to be from an ancient and highly skilled civilization (Lemuria). These frequencies, when sung, activate rapid spiritual awakening, healing and personal and physical transformation as well as releasing unconscious blockages and gaining access to higher levels of consciousness

When listening to the tones and especially when singing them, their effect increases and gives the same benefits as meditation – minus having to sit still for so long. Plus it can be done anywhere to fit into our daily lives and it doesn’t take years of practice.

Dr. Todd shared success stories of people using the tones to enhance creativity, intelligence, problem solving and concentration. The tones also intensify intuition, accelerates the clairs (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.) as well as contact with those in other dimensions and accessing one’s own divine blueprint.

Listen and you will be amazed by how laser light can give healing power through his supplements and you will also get to hear Dr. Todd and a caller treat us to a sample of what the tones sound like when sung.

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

4:34       What is Special About Laser Technology and Infused Herbs
10:08     Herbal Supplements That Have Reversed AIDS
12:05     The Applications for Daily Use
14:15     The Spray that Reverses the Aging Clock.-Lose Weight & More
17:00     Get Rid of Gray Hair Without Dye
18:10     A Complete Amino Supplement for Heart Strengthening
21:42     Absorption of Supplements
24:54     Supplement High in Antioxidants
31:03     Supplements for the Brain
36:04     Some Individual Cases of Lives Being Transformed
38:24     Review of the 3 Most Popular Supplement Formulas in the Offer
44:30     Dr. Todd’s Pineal Toning System
55:20     The Frequency of the Tones
56:45     Q & A and Some Tone Singing Too
1:08:39   Supplements for Pets to Live Longer too
1:12:03   Expansion of Intuition and the Clares with Use of the Tones
1:14:19   Using the Tones as Meditation or Instead of
1:17:07   The Supplements and Breastfeeding
1:25:04   Sample of Toning and the 1814 Pineal Tones of Time

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