Last night many of us heard the same boring list of unrecognizable names being thanked on the Academy Awards.  Some of this annual torment came from people who are trained performers and professionals who should know better.

“First, I’d like to thank my agent…” is a punchline you can hear at any high school party.  But there it was again last night, hogging up the time of several billion people who tuned it.

One stand out exception last night was Matthew McConnaughey who won for best actor.

But today, because he spoke of God first and with deep conviction, much of the media is puzzled by his comments.

Time Magazine asks, “What exactly did he mean by all that?  Calling it, “…a semi-bizarre tale about his inner life.”

Poor Time Magazine, once a powerful voice of insight and wisdom, cannot understand, let alone convey the meaning of McConnaughey’s inspiring message.

Listen to Matthew McConnaughey’s acknowledgement and the gratitude he expresses for this understanding.

Your Monday Miracle Movie of the Week comes to us thanks to this humble artist who finds his strength in a higher power and his inspiration in the image of himself he sees 10 years in the future.

Enjoy this demonstration of the power of gratitude and positive self-image.