If you missed the actual call of our first Intention Circle that kicked off the Sixth Annual Wellness Revolution Telesummit, no worries because you can still be a part of the circles through future calls and by clicking on the podcast below.

Then, who better to be the first guest on the next call for The Wellness Revolution than Lynne McTaggart. She is the central voice of a new consciousness movement and the architect of the  best-selling book, The Intention Experiment.

We were thrilled and honored to have Lynne with us as we embark on creating our own intention aware community. Lynne is a best-selling author, researcher and lecturer whose work has appropriately been deemed as being “a bridge between science and spirituality.”

She had been overseeing a range of intention experiments on the web – believed to be the largest mind-over-matter trials ever undertaken – as well as a peace intention project that harnessed the intentions of thousands of participants on the troubled island of Sri Lanka, which has been devastated by civil war for nearly 30 years. Lynne is making strides in changing the world with her research and work.

Hear Lynne provide evidence for intention and some techniques for achieving success with your own intentions. Advance the creative abilities of your own consciousness through our Intention Circles and Lynne’s impressive body of work.

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

The INTENTION BOOSTER launched things off for a 15 minute session prior to the start of the call which connects you up to your INTENTION HEALING CIRCLE – hundreds of people around the world focused on each other’s success and healing as part of this powerful circle. This is your very own global healing tribe of intentioneers.

55:39  The new and current model of healing
51:00  What Doctors Don’t Tell You
46:41  Dangers in Modern Medicine – Big Pharma
44:33  Understanding the new paradigm in healing
43:51 Energy Medicine and Modalities
41:37  Intention – What is it exactly
39:25  How we are Transmitting All of the Time
38:17  Being Conscious of What you are Transmitting
37:67  Using Intention with an Open Heart
35:53  The More Specific with your Intention, The Better
34:00  The Intention Experiment – Worldwide Peace
30:23  Does the Size of an Intention Circle Matter
28:15  The Masters of Intention
27:29  The Commonalities of A Focused Mind
27:13  Gamma State of Mind Vs. A Meditative State
25:30  Are Females Better At Setting Intentions
24:00  Anyone can learn Intention – Become a Master Intentioner
18:08  What Really is the cause of Illness
14:11  Our Natural Energies are part of a Much Larger Energy Field
10:45  Other Studies and Organizations on Intention

Our festival of WOW! (Wellness, Oneness, Wealth!) continues over the next few months as we are joined by some of the top spiritual leaders and visionaries in the world. So if you haven’t registered yet to take this blissful journey with us, then please do so and spread the word. Here’s where to sign up to get in and receive your bonus gifts valued at over $500.00! www.mywellnesrevolution.com