Click on the Podcast below and listen in to power up your own INTENTION with our global healing circle of intentioners.

Intentioneering is the science of powering up and directing your thoughts to heal yourself, your loved ones and the world.

This is an introduction and creation session to kick off our Wellness Revolution Telesummit running for the next three months. Through this Intention Meeting, you will be able to ignite and direct your thoughts in healing and manifesting and setting an intention for yourself or others.

Join in to set your personal intention and then over the course of the next three months in this series – 15 minutes before each call – we will continue to power up together with an INTENTION BOOSTER to amplify the intentions everyone is holding.

It is a magical feeling to experience the energy and love radiating within the Intention Circle through Adoley and Jim’s intense meditation, gratitude and intention setting. Start growing your healing and manifesting with these circles. This is where miracles are born… where science meets spirit.

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

1:15:18  Living in the Intention Miracle Zone
1:13:25  The Power of Intention and Science
59:00     Our Heart is the Center of our Broadcast System
58:19     Communication of Heart/Brain as One
57:06     Integrating the Spiritual and Thinking Self
54:23     A thought provoking quote from Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment
50:46     The Structure of These Intention Healing Circles
49:55     Inspiring Cancer Experiment Story
48:00     Another Mind-Blowing Story Shared Regarding the Synchronization of an Intention
44:45     The Process Itself of Setting Your Intention and Meditation

Our festival of WOW! (Wellness, Oneness, Wealth!) continues over the next few months as we are joined by some of the top spiritual leaders and visionaries in the world. So if you haven’t registered yet to take this blissful journey with us, then please do so and spread the word. Here’s where to sign up to get in and receive your bonus gifts valued at over $500.00!