This Wellness Revolution podcast features Mark Waldman, a neuroscience researcher and a leading expert on consciousness, communication, spirituality and the brain. Mark has authored 12 books, including an Oprah pick for her ‘Must Read’ book list in 2012.

Mark tells us about his brain-training program called, ‘NeuroWisdom 101’. This program is so rich and full with 58 Lessons that guides us through 6 levels of human consciousness to build positivity, emotional resistance, resilience and work satisfaction. It is utilized by individuals, teaching environments, health centers and businesses throughout the world.

Listen to this podcast to learn about the core strategies of brain-training, cognitive therapy and positive psychology so you can apply it to every aspect of your life. This program will open your mind and heart to your inner wisdom, lower your stress levels, increase your productivity and concentration and improve your communication to better resolve conflicts easily and quickly.

Just one of his lessons each day (which takes very little of your time to do) and you will begin to make permanent changes in your brain, your life and on your way to permanent Zen!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

7:52 10-10 Rule Challenge
11:00 Is it possible to Change the Brain?
13:05 The Best Method of Learning
13:30 The Mindfulness Bell
18:36 Importance of the Relaxation Process
24:26 Intuition is a Specific Part of the Brain
25:20 The Heart of Your Brain
25:54 Where are the Most Neurons…Not in the Brain!
27:13 Why You Should Trust Your Gut Over Your Heart or Brain
28:31 How Meditation and Spiritual Practices Stimulate the Brain
30:22 Find out the Most Dangerous Word in the World
31:34 The Effects of a Positive Word vs. a Negative Word on the Brain
33:17 What the Most Successful People & Businesses Do
33:38 How to Train Yourself to Be and Stay Positive
34:37 Can We Train the Brain to be Optimistic?
35:30 The 60 Second Meditation
37:50 Relaxation: The Power of Yawning, Stretching & Rolling Your Head
41:19 A Technique Used for Sleeplessness
42:49 Mark Takes Us Through a Mindful Bell Meditation
49:00 Choosing a Power ‘Word’ to Say Throughout the day & the Value of it
51:50 Why These Tools are PERFECT for Busy People
55:55 The Unbelievable Improvement Rate of Executives Using ‘NeuroWisdom 101’
57:13 What Doctors Can Do to Increase Healing Rates
62:42 Mindful Eating for Weight Management
65:55 Q & A

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