Healing Water Massage: Why You’ll Want Walk In Baths with Hydrotherapy

Arthritis. Osteoporosis. Fractures from frequent falls. These and other conditions could prevent you from doing the things you have always done on your own. From getting around the house to performing the simplest routine, advance aging or a recent accident could keep you dependent on other people. Not only that, certain health conditions will also mean managing a certain level of pain. What could you do to heal, without leaving the comforts of your own home?

Replace your old, traditional bathtub with a cutting-edge walk in tub shower combo. This type of tub is the latest innovation in safe and, best of all, healing baths. Installing it in your bathroom will be like having your very own spa therapy.

All walk-in tubs and showers will come with the standard features, which are perfect for seniors, for athletes with serious injuries, and just about anyone with limited mobility. These features include: low-level entry for easy entry and exit, built-in grip bars to guarantee safety when sitting down or getting up, comfortable seats, and removable showerheads.

Some will include hydrotherapy systems or air therapy, or a combination of both luxurious and healing controls. But whichever feature you go with, all of it will provide you with a refreshing and healing bath time — or more accurately, a bath experience.

A hydrotherapy system gives targeted and sometimes intense massage through directional but adjustable water jets. So you experience a therapeutic bath that massages your muscles; you’ll not only leave your walk-in tub and shower combination feeling clean but also completely revitalized. Meanwhile, the air therapy system uses thousands of air bubbles — warm — delivering an effervescent bathing experience.

When you’re looking for a walk in bathtub feature that helps you manage your condition, make sure to look for hydrotherapy controls. You can get relief from tension and stress, from arthritis, from rheumatism, from muscle spasms, from poor blood circulation, and possibly from migraines.

Other walk-in tub and shower combo units will even combine multiple sensory therapies. These walk-in bath units may come with aromatherapy, which heightens the calming experience.

Walk-in tubs are not just essential to providing safety in bathrooms for people with limited mobility and for aging people. People can get and in get out without worrying about slipping. But with the right model equipped with the right innovative features, you can also experience a healing bath time with your walk-in tub and shower combo. So get one today.