A Safety Feature in the Most Dangerous Room in Your Home

Accidents happen, especially to the elderly who are more prone to injury and liable to be disabled in a fall. The bathroom is where the devastating slip and fall accidents most frequently happen.Poor eyesight and motor functions all make a trip to the bathroom, especially climbing into and out of a bathtub extremely hazardous.

The solution: walk in tubs take the danger out of bathing.

The bathroom is widely considered as the most dangerous part of the home — and for good reason. Spilled shampoo, a soap bar left lying on the floor, or even a pool of water can cause slipping and result in an ugly bathroom fall. A loose rail bar or a shaky tub can also lead grandpa or grandma to stumble over and suffer a bruise — or worse, a broken hip injury.

The sadder part in this is the fact that older adults will surely have a hard time recovering from these accidents because of the slower rate with which tissues and cells regenerate. The Injury Center of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stresses that these incidents could be prevented if only people maintained safe and healthy homes.

A possible remedy to bathroom accidents is a walk in bathtub, which is equipped with safety features and is made specifically with the elderly in mind. Instead of having to climb over the sides, as in a common tub, these walk in types are made with easy to open doors and handles to enable support. This is a nice safety feature since older people usually have mobility issues and weakening muscles, which affect their balance and stability.

Walk in models are also fitted with seats that support the weight of the user. This adds another safety element to the bathtub because instead of having to shower at an upright position, which can lead to a loss of balance, one can stay seated and comfortable.

Maintaining a safe bathroom helps in reducing the risks posed to you or your loved ones at home. Having this part of the house covered will definitely minimize the worries and fears that you have in a place where you should feel the safest.