Clayton Nolte is visiting The Wellness Revolution again on this podcast and talking about his Structured Water units. Clayton, founder of Natural Action Technologies, Inc., is a researcher and the inspired inventor of life transforming structuring technologies. Clayton has spent the last forty years exploring physics, the properties of water and the effects it has on life.

You probably are aware that 90% of our bodies are made of water so there is nothing more critical to life. Then why is it that it doesn’t seem like enough attention is paid to the liquid we are putting in our bodies? We strive to eat nutritionally because we know of the value to our health – then we should also drink the most beneficial water for our health – and that is Structured Water. Why?

The answer is simple. Structured Water is water that has been reshaped and has properties like water found in nature – like that in the middle of a roaring river or bottom of a mountain stream and that water possesses powerful life force energy. It is water that has been restored to the state originally found in nature so it has more water molecules per square inch, less surface tension and higher oxygen levels that will increase hydration and energetically enhance nutrient absorption. This ‘living water’ will help restore your immune system by ridding the body of toxins and detoxifying every cell in your body.

There are so many more benefits of drinking Structured Water that you will hear by listening to this podcast or better yet – try it out for yourself. Your body will love you more for it!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

06:00 What is Structured Water?
13:25 The Water Molecule and Energy of Structured Water
16:14 Bathing/Showering…How Much Water Do We Absorb?
17:26 Neutralization of Toxins that Structured Water Achieves – How and to What Extent
28:33 Our Heart Structures the Liquid Within Us
29:34 Pollution and Our Bodies
31:19 Comparisons of Water Types
37:30 Washing and Growing Veggies with Structured Water
40:46 Plants Don’t Lie – Structured Water Products Expanding to Commerical/Farming
41:42 Plants Absorb Only What They Need
43:10 The Spiritual Aspect of Structured Water – De-Calcifying The Pineal Gland
49:45 How is Memory Stored in Water and How Structured Water Enhances it
53:22 This is not a “Filter”
55:26 Your Pets will Love and Benefit from Structured Water too
57:07 Q&A and Testimonials

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