The Wellness Revolution Evergreen is the new model for online teleseminars that permanently solves the problem of email list exhaustion and the resulting industry-wide decline in commissions seen over the last few years.  Developed from the incessant performance testing by Lance Hood and Live Big Media, this super high-efficiency evergreen teleseminar perpetually brings new, fresh audiences to offers that are exactly what listeners are looking for – creating an optimal experience for both teleseminar partners and listeners.

Wellness Revolution Evergreen uses this new model to achieve the maximum return to speakers and non-speaking JV partners with little effort and minimal email marketing to existing email lists.  Wellness Revolution Evergreen partners will:

  • Receive ongoing residual sales without the need for continuous mailings
  • Be able to focus on helping their list instead of mailing them about offers, promos, etc.

How Does this Evergreen Model Work?

Speakers are placed into 3 distinct groups of 16 speakers each representing one month of shows.  Every individual speaker presentation will be viewed at least once every 30 days by 1/3rd of our continuously refreshed, ever-expanding audience.


After going through the initial Speaker Group ( it could be group 1, 2 or 3) listeners move on to the next group.  3 months into the event (the average active buying period of a new email list subscriber), they will then loop back to where they started.  It’s important to understand that new listeners are constantly being fed into the event at different points in this cycle. As a result, you should see a near constant flow of commissions. Our goal is to build the audience up to the point where there are a significant number of people listening to every recording, every single day, indefinitely.  Speakers always have the opportunity to replace or upgrade their presentation at will with new content.

Higher Conversions from Better Performance and Relentless Testing

You received this invitation because you are a valuable partner with valuable assets. You have proven content or an active audience or both.  Using our on-going marketing partnership with Live Big Media, the Wellness Revolution Evergreen will constantly improve the teleseminar experience for everyone – speakers, non-speaking JV partners and the audience .

More and Higher Sales Conversions through Constant Testing


We are committed to continuous testing, incremental improvement and feedback to our partners like you.  As our partner, you will always on the leading edge of developments in the marketplace.

How the Evergreen Model is Fed by 3 Types of Traffic

10% of all partners’ combined commissions goes toward purchasing paid traffic and developing organic traffic.  By pooling our purchasing power this way, we can achieve far more as a group than any one of us could ever achieve on our own.

Our goal is to provide a constant fresh supply of paid and organic traffic to end reliance on each others’ email lists for buyers.  As a partner, you are paid 40% commissions on your sales.  This is “found” money as a speaker since you are simply re-presenting your existing offer via pre-recorded interview to a new audience.  You do nothing except the 3 required mailings per year for this extra income.

For non-speaking JV partners, it is simply a reciprocated, high EPC mailing or click swap (your choice) to your existing list that is available whenever you are ready, as often as you are ready.

Initial JV Mailings – The Wellness Revolution Evergreen will kick start with 3 rounds of mailings from all partners to give the event a surge in its first 8 months or so. The required mailings will be limited to our initial soft launch over the next 60 days, then our major hard launch in January and then again in July of the first year only.

Paid Traffic Mix – After the initial launch in month two, we will begin building a perpetual and sustainable event by cooperatively purchasing targeted, paid traffic. This will result in audience expansion for your shows, potential increased profits each month, will begin to relieve list exhaustion and provide real-time traffic source intelligence as we continually zero in on the best sources of new buyers.  10% of total sales commissions – yours and ours – buys this paid traffic every month in a cooperative advertising pool so we get the lowest bulk rates for increasingly targeted traffic.  See the diagram below.

Organic Traffic Mix – Part of the paid advertising pool will be dedicated to developing an advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that drives highly targeted free traffic to the event. When people are searching for relevant subjects, they will be directed to opt-in to our event. We have pre-negotiated an exceptional rate through Live Big Media for this service with one of the top experts in the SEO industry. This free, organic traffic will take 5-12 months to ramp up, but will prove to be the most powerful, long-term strategy for acquiring all new, active buyers.

This 3-source traffic mix will provide continuous and increasing traffic during this 5 to 12 month ramp up time.

The following chart illustrates how the combined strategies work together to create a constant flow of new buyers to the event:

Notice how it transitions from JV to paid and organic traffic over 9 months time

The Superior Performance of this Evergreen Model

As a speaker, the flow of listener traffic to your show will continue to grow. Each month we will be gathering new listeners and buyers.

As a non-speaking JV partner, you get multiple offers of high converting products for a high EPC, for each mailing.  And you get a reciprocal mailing of your appropriate offer to our fresh, active buyers.  There are some restrictions, so please speak to Pamela Horton, address below, to make sure we are a good fit together.

While we cannot accurately predict the actual audience growth rate over time, the following charts are provide the most conservative estimates of how the audience may grow under this new model as opposed to the traditional approach. These numbers also account for estimated unsubscribes over time.

Traditional models build their audiences almost exclusively from JV partners which is known to decrease buyers over time.*Traditional Telesummits can be very effective, but they require constant mailings that constantly decline in effectiveness.The Perpetual Evergreen model builds its audience from a blend of traffic that continues to come in month after month, so you can have predictable income over time.*The Wellness Revolution Evergreen’s purpose is to create continuous and perpetual listener growth without the need for more JV mailings.

Do I Have a Long Term Commitment?

There is Absolutely No Commitment Whatsoever. Although this model is a long-term strategy to create legacy income for all partners, you are free to cancel at anytime.

How do I Participate?

Please contact Pamela Horton to answer any questions and to help get you started.  Please mention you are inquiring about the Wellness Revolution or Adoley’s event.

Pamela Horton, Chief Happiness Officer
860 682 3333
Skype: callingtherealyou


To our success together,


Adoley Odunton, host
The Wellness Revolution Evergreen