On this podcast from The Wellness Revolution, hear all about The Metabolic Aftershock work out routine by Dr. Jade Teta. The plan is aimed at helping both men and women reduce fat, increase muscle tone and optimize their metabolism.

Dr. Jade Teta is a licensed physician with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. He has completed an estimated 10,000 workouts and worked with thousands of weight loss and fitness seekers across the world through his Metabolic Effect Clinic and online programs. Dr. Jade has many unique approaches to helping his clients get into shape. Instead of focusing on long, drawn out workouts and narrow-minded, very low calorie diets – he believes focus should be placed on maximizing hormones and getting the body and metabolism to work as optimally as possible.

Dr. Jade’s Metabolic Aftershock works for anyone who wants to tone up and lose fat – especially for those who are over 35. It offers a strategic approach to exercise and nutrition that is specifically targeted at improving the operation of the metabolism. And the best part – the program does this with only three, 15 minute work out routines per week…. so – no more excuses!

Results are seen quickly and without a struggle so in our fast-paced lives, where exercise will often times take a back seat to everything else on our to do list, realistically, we can absolutely fit in just 15 minutes 3 times a week to stay healthy. On Metabolic Aftershock you are working out smarter – not harder. Come on now….burn baby burn!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

06:43 Over-exercising = More Cravings
08:48 How the metabolism works
13:00 It’s not just Diet and Exercise
14:23 The 3 Fatal Flaws of an Exercise Programs
15:52 Get your ‘HEC’ in check….What the ‘heck’ does that mean?
18:46 Why Women get Cravings – Especially for Sweets
20:13 A Powerful Trick to Curb your ‘Yo-Yo’ Metabolism – Get the Recipe
24:00 The 3 Reasons Why People don’t Exercise
24:28 The Difference Between a Long Workout & Short 15 Min AFTERSHOCK Workout
25:09 2 Groups of People – Which One Gets a Better Exercise Result
26:44 Recommended Sweeteners to Use
28:57 One of the Best Anti-Aging Superfoods
31:35 Why 15 Mins of Exercise is Optimal
36:42 Working out More Intelligently to Avoid Rebound Weight Gain
37:40 4 Major Goals of Every Work Out Routine
38:25 Examples of AFTERSHOCK Typical Exercises
40:03 ‘Rest Based Training’ so You are in Control
42:00 Free Radicals & Cardio Exercise
44:20 ‘The Metabolic Aftershock’ Program – Phases Explained
45:45 Learn How to Decipher How your Metabolism is Functioning & Build a Lifestyle
46:46 What Age is Best for This Program?

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