Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles

with Brent Phillips

[content_box width=”85%”]MIT Engineer, Brent Phillips experienced instant healing of a debilitating illness that had lasted several years through Theta Healing. It transformed his life and he became a Master Theta healer. Brent has performed over 6,000 hours private healing sessions and witnessed literally thousands of miraculous instant healings on problems as diverse as HIV, asthma, cancer, childhood abuse, allergies, and many other injuries and illnesses (including many “incurable” conditions) including the healing and spontaneous remission of a deadly cancer in his mother in early 2010.

The way Brent practices and teaches energy healing is precise, linear, effective, and easily understood by the Western mind. Discover how you can use the Formula for Miracles system to heal physical conditions and to experience far greater prosperity and financial abundance, to smooth out troubled relationships, and to find true love.

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Embrace Your Forumula for Miracles!

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