Metabolic Exercise: How to Generate 48 hours of FAT BURNING from 15 Minutes of Exercise

with Dr. Jade Teta

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician and personal trainer with over 25 years experience. He has completed an estimated 10,000 workouts and has worked with thousands of weight loss and fitness seekers all over the world through his Metabolic Effect Clinic and online programs. Dr. Teta has a bachelors degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, a distinct specialty of medicine focusing on lifestyle approaches to health, fitness and weight loss. He carries his license to practice medicine in Washington State where he is a registered primary care physician.

Dr. Teta writes and lectures internationally as a continuing education provider for the medical and fitness fields. He is the author of several books including the best selling Metabolic Effect Diet. He is also a contributor to The TextBook Of Natural Medicine, the number one natural medicine textbook used in medical schools across the country. He contributed both the exercise and sports nutrition chapters of that text.

Listen to this call and learn:

  • Why most exercise programs fail

  • How to balance the metabolism for sustained and lasting fat loss

  • How to slow – or even reverse the aging process of your brain (and body)

  • How to generate a metabolic after burn in your own workouts

  • Ignite metabolism, strip off stubborn fat and tone muscle

  • Activate your internal anti-aging program

Wake-Up, Overhaul, and Ignite Your Fat Burning Metabolism NOW!

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