HeartMath: Activating the Heart’s Intelligence

with Howard Martin

Howard Martin is one of the original leaders who helped Doc Childre found HeartMath and has been with the organization since its inception in 1991 serving as a key spokesperson and executive.

During his career with HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative, Howard has been instrumental in delivering practical, yet dynamic programs to tens of thousands of people in audiences world-wide. Because of his universal appeal, he has conducted keynote presentations and training programs for Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, all four branches of the U.S. military, school systems, ecumenical organizations and for publicly promoted events in over 50 cities on four continents.

As a key spokesperson, Howard does approximately 75 media interviews and webinars annually including all of the major U.S. television networks, internationally syndicated radio, major magazines and numerous documentary films. He speaks internationally on developing the new intelligence needed to navigate life during these changing times and the importance of creating global coherence.

Listen to this call and learn:

  • How change is happening quickly and a new world is emerging

  • What a heart-based world is and how to recognize it

  • How HeartMath and Heart Intelligence can make you aware of the changes taking place

  • Using intuition as “heart intelligence” and how we can develop it

  • How to use techniques or methods to increase “heart intelligence”

  • What is resilience and why is it important now

  • The science behind earth monitoring and the Global Coherence Initiative

  • What you can do to increase your personal coherence, resilience and to help create more global coherence

  • And much more!

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