Flexing Your Happiness Muscle without Breaking a Sweat

with Jeffrey Gignac

[content_box width=”85%”]Growing up in small town Canada, the son of a Psychologist and Social Worker, Jeff has always displayed a passion for helping others. He was one of the youngest people in North America to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15.

He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor for 4 years before becoming is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a World Renowned expert in brainwave entrainment and brainwave stimulation.

Jeff published author, writing his first book in 1999 with his most recent contribution “The Secret Skill” appearing in “Adventures in Manifesting” Success and Spirituality. He is the creator of top selling products such as The Perfect Sleep System, The Achievement Blueprint, Goal Factory and Brain Fitness for Busy People.

Having created nearly 100 acclaimed meditation and brainwave programs, it’s no surprise that Jeffrey is considered by today’s top thought leaders as the leading creator and innovator of brainwave stimulation technology. His unique and proprietary technologies continue to revolutionize the field of brainwave entrainment and personal development.

Listen to this call and learn:

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