S.O.U.L. – The 4 Step Method to Connect with your Inner Force

with Jennifer Lyall

Jennifer Lyall is a sought after spiritual development expert who has the unique ability to guide others to connect with The Inner U – their inner force, their soul. This helps them to develop and believe in their inner gifts and clearly see what they need to do in their life, sensing their highest potential and finally embrace their truth & passion.

Clients who work with Jennifer discover they intuitively know how to achieve the radiant health, luxurious wealth and delicious relationships their heart desires. Jennifer is a Dowsing Ambassador for the Canadian Society of Dowsers, spiritual mentor, third generation energy worker, internationally published author and inspirational speaker.

Jennifer loves playing with her kids, hiking with her husband, hugging trees and having delicious conversations with high vibing friends. All fun parts of her spiritual practice!

On this call you will learn how to:

  • Get the most important step to take to fast-track your wellness and spiritual journey

  • Know your dominant intuitive sense and how you can use it to clearly and easily make decisions in your health, wealth and relationships for yourself and others

  • Understand how you can shift your energy and your experience at any moment with one simple trick and why this is the key to loving your life full out, connected to your soul.

  • And much more ……..

Gain Connection and Clarity with The Inner “U”

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