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with Jo Dunning

[content_box width=”85%”]Jo Dunning is a world renowned spiritual teacher, author, presenter and popular radio talk show guest. She is well known for her unusual ability to use energy to transform lives and awaken consciousness. She is often referred to as a miracle worker because of her ability to create profound changes in the lives of an entire audience. She is able to do this as she easily and joyfully carries on an inspiring conversation about life or shares deep wisdom about the most profound and intricate aspects of spirituality, personality or transformation. During each of her programs she offers energy work to the entire audience so they can have a more joyful and prosperous life. The energy offered during each broadcast is also available while listening to the recording.

Jo Dunning is the founder and director of Quantum Energetic Disciplines and developer of The Quick Pulse Technique, a world recognized method for rapid clearing of life issues and personality limitations. She has developed a very popular training program offering certification as an energy practitioner. She is the creator of the free global Wish Project and regularly offers Activations for Awakening, The Miracle Process, transformational retreats and other life changing opportunities.

Listen to this call and learn:

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