Immersion Into The Miracle Zone:
Healing The Wounds That Bind You

with Kenji Kumara

Kenji Kumara is one of the world’s leading visionaries and pioneers in the field of energy consciousness. He works as a transformational messenger, reaching and guiding people from every corner of the globe to New-Earth Consciousness and personal and planetary ascension. The results have been profound with many who have overcome major difficulties, others who’ve experienced transformational change and multiple consciousness shifts – and the best part is that it’s experienced effortlessly with Kenji’s style of ease and grace.

Known for his unique ability to guide people into deep meditation with his gentle activations he keeps it simple and effortless as the doorways to source connection are opened, the I AM God self invoked and in a loving manner people are shifted into higher-awareness and self-mastery. It has been his personal joy to help people understand their life’s purpose and claim their true destiny.

Kenji’s recent focus is on the art of Receiving, Knowing and Being. He is available through his new website, live activation retreats, personal live online workshops and personal Quantum Lightweaving Sessions held in person and remotely. He shares the “Joy of Awakening with the World” and invites all those to participate in his work that are ready to receive and be in Eternal Peace in every fiber and cell of their Being.

Listen to this call and learn:

  • The 3 P’s: Possibilities, Potentials and Parallel Realities

  • How to Re-frame Your Destiny Pattern

  • Achieving Transcendance in the Physical World

  • Gain relief from anxiety, worry and depression

  • How to shift of physical symptoms

  • Learn to express through Joy and Appreciation

  • Enhanced awareness of “stuff”

  • Attain greater inner peace and well-beingness

  • Miracles, and much more ……..

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