Guidance From Your Highest Self

Achieving Life Mastery with Grace & Ease


Guidance Whole Package
  • Do you struggle with connecting to what your divine purpose is? Who you were born to be and how you are meant to express it in the world?

  • Do you feel greater possibilities for you that you can almost… but not quite reach?

  • Are you ready to know everything that you’ve needed to know that if you knew it would change EVERYTHING?

  • If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are DEFINITELY in the right place! This incredibly high vibrational download is truly a gift from the cosmos!

  • Activating Your Highest Self Activation & Toning

  • Activating the Channel of Communication with your Highest Self

  • Activating the Channel of Communication with Your Highest Self Toning

  • Activating Your Financial Freedom

  • Activating Your Financial Freedom Toning

  • Activating Infinite Self Love

  • Activating Infinite Self Love Toning

  • The Secret to Activating Your God Body

  • Activating Your God Body Toning

  • 1 Month of VIB (Very Important Being) Trial Membership *FREE*!


“I feel like my whole body has been reprogrammed! The chronic health issues that I have suffered from for years have subsided. I’m crying tears of gratitude for this miraculous shift in my body and being!”

Louise D. Michigan

“My mind and my heart are now finding a way to cooperate, the monkey mind that has run my existence for as long as I can remember has finally been quelled.”

Charlie C., New Mexico

“The migraines that I have suffered from for the last 10 years are GONE! I have a whole new life now! I went from being a half dead zombie to an angel of light!”

Madeline W, San Francisco

Join Rikka, creator of Adventure in Oneness, and acclaimed author as we tap into your guidance from your highest self….
So you can live your VERY BEST life NOW!

When you listen to this package you will know that…

  • You can soar EFFORTLESSLY into the life you’ve always dreamed of

  • You are in process of creating (how to create) a magnificent life that is totally PERFECT for you

  • You are the ADVENTURER who can have everything you ever wanted

  • You are FREE of everything and everyone that has ever held you back

  • You can live life to its FULLEST in every moment of every day, without regret or fear

  • You are truly SUPPORTED and LOVED beyond anything you ever thought possible

  • You really CAN be everything you have always known you were meant to be

In this reality-bending, love-affirming, joy-triggering package, you will discover your deepest of truths, and open to YOUR DIVINE DESTINY. Your highest self knows this vibration intimately and is ready to SHARE the secrets of JOYFUL living with YOU!

When you listen to this package, you’ll get to really HEAR the messages from guidance clearly for the very first time. The sweet nothings; or everythings, you’ve been waiting for that will direct you into your most magnificent life ever! You know, the ones that have just been on the tip of your tongue and just beyond your grasp. No more reaching, my sweet friend. It’s time to RECEIVE these divine messages from YOUR HIGHEST SELF.

You’ll get to live your life from your highest energetic vibration
and feel infinitely loved and supported in every moment!

Join us in discovering this infinite playground that is you!

Rikka’s Highest Vibrational Download YET
is Yours to Experience Now
*Exclusively through Wellness Revolution*

Now, through this amazing special offer, this incredibly transformational package is available for only $127!
Retail Value is $850, more than 85% off!

Guidance Whole Packagespecial-offer-rikka

On the day this special offer was created, something magical and powerful happened. It was as if the noise and distraction from the world around just STOPPED and a deep quiet emerged. From this space of silence, the angels and ascended masters spoke through the ‘Tinkerbell of Consciousness’, as so many like to call Rikka, and we were so very blessed to capture these sweet, divine moments to be shared with YOU.

If you haven’t spent time with Rikka Zimmerman previously, you are in for a scrumptious treat! (If you have, you are going to be truly amazed at where she’s taken us this time!) She very powerfully and masterfully translates these highest of vibrations into a straight-forward and clear message that you can apply to your life TODAY! When you hear these truths from this high vibrational place, it will change everything!

Rikka comes with grace and the spaciousness of being to bring forth what YOUR HIGHEST SELF has always wanted you to know. These audios are truly a gift from above. We’ve never seen anything like it – you are going to want to check this out for yourself. It actually feels as if your innermost brilliance speaks through Rikka and talks straight to you. ABSOLUTE LIFE ALTERING BLISS!

These magical gifts from above are translated in a simple, direct way that will touch your soul at the deepest of levels. Oh yes, and these Universal downloads are also designed specifically for you to JUST RECEIVE them and let them transform you with total ease and grace. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Why not circumvent the countless hours, months, & years of meditation trying to hear from your guidance and just give yourself this life-changing package today? Unless a loin cloth in a cave is your idea of high fashion and excitement – hee hee! Plus you might miss your cell phone and chocolate up there on the mountain…

How is this audio package different from Rikka’s previous packages?

Rikka sums it up here:
“When we enter our highest selves we are whole, nothing is missing. We have always been loved, we have always been supported. In this universe every moment of our lives has been a beautiful gift and is perfect beyond measure. This is the first package I’ve created where we come from the vibration of this Highest Self Universe and it is more dynamic than anything I’ve ever created before!

In this package you learn how to connect with guidance and vibrationally transport yourself into their heavenly realms where your highest self resides. When you hear your truths from guidance from this high vibration it will change your life forever! You’re in for the limitation shake-down of your existence!”
Rikka Zimmerman

WOW! Are you ready for the limitation shakedown of your existence?

Each and every step of this incredible journey is an activation that will awaken dormant pathways of light into the divine realms where your highest self resides. You will receive awareness from your own being that you’ve never vibrationally been able to access.

From the space of fully being in your highest self we will then re-resonate every part of your life up into these heavenly vibrations. So that your whole life can resonate with the divine presence you are meant to be.

What does YOUR divine self have to say to you?

Welcome to the Guidance From Your Highest Self Package!

Guidance Whole Packagespecial-offer-rikka

This powerful, high-vibrating and liberating package includes:

  • 5 uplifting, harmonizing and expansive tracks that will guide you into your highest self and use that Guidance from your highest self to re-resonate your life.

  • 5 HEARTMONIC™ Tonings* to rapidly and effortlessly lift you to a higher, lighter vibration that opens and harmonizes you with divinity.

  • Effective, simple tools you can use to tap into this higher vibration to enhance your daily living!

01 Guidance MP3

Track 1: Activating Your Highest Self Activation & Toning

$77 Value

In this liberating, spacious activation, Rikka activates and awakens direct pathways to our highest self and moves us vibrationally into that part of ourselves that knows, beyond a doubt, the greater picture of our lives. As we experience that vibration we uncover what we know that is far beyond what our “little selves” can comprehend. From this space we are fully connected to Guidance from our highest self and have access to vibrations, awarenesses and messages that we have haven’t allowed ourselves to fully receive previously. We explore those energies, allowing ourselves to join the angelic conversation of creation, to listen to our true voice, and the voices of the angels. Once you hear this, you’ll wonder how you could have ever forgotten the incredibly joyous messages they have for us!

In the loving, supportive toning, Rikka encourages us to add ourselves to the song, to raise our voices in harmonic vibration, to bring the etheric tones and the energy into every cell of our bodies, vibrating our entire bodies, raising all parts of us, healing and releasing so we can soar into knowing without effort.

Could you imagine hearing these words clearly from your highest self? These are some of words spoken by our highest guidance:

You are so loved…come with me, be with me, you are me. I love you.

You will be free, you are free, you’ve always been free.

Nothing is here to hurt you, everything is here to love you…You are part of everyone and everything… everyone you see comes from love because you are love….and so it is.


02 Guidance MP3

Track 2: Activating the Channel of Communication with your Highest Self

$97 Value

What would it be like if every word you spoke was from your highest self? As we bring in our highest vibrational energies, we open ourselves to the vibrations of divine creation. From this space of infinite love, Rikka guides us to speak the truth that is us in our every moment. This realigns our throat chakra and voice with the energy of our angelic presence and will allow you to speak differently to you and others in your life. This voice has always been with you, it’s just time to turn up the volume! Throughout this track we learn to tune in to it and give it full reign to express itself in our lives!


03 Guidance MP3

Activating the Channel of Communication with Your Highest Self Toning

$27 Value

Through this expansive toning, we all come together in Oneness and allow ourselves to express our truth from a space of joy and love. Our truth lights a spark deep within us, illuminating our being to shine brighter than ever before. This luminosity of truth brings great freedom, joy and healing!

This beautiful guidance was brought down from infinite to gift itself to you:

I am perfectly executed, divinely inspired, cuddled by the angels, like living in the clouds with pure bliss, being the smile

My knowing supersedes trust.

Relaxation equals bliss.


04 Guidance MP3

Track 4: Activating Your Financial Freedom:
What your highest self wants you to know to achieve your next level of success

$127 Value

Are you ready to hear the truth about money that if you knew it would set you free?

Now that you’re fully connected with your highest self, and your voice is activated in this truth, it’s time to re-resonate your “little self” into your “highest self.” What have you always needed to hear from you that if you heard it would change everything? Now we step into a new conversation around money in this incredible, life-changing, reality-altering track. It’s beyond expectation and limitation, bringing us to a new level of release and expansion. When your “little self’ hears what your “highest self” has to say about money you will never be able to limit you around money ever again!

The voice of our highest self speaks to us:

You are abundance, abundance is love and love is you. This is going to be easy because it already is you.

I see your value and I see you’re worth. Hi angel, I see your God value, the value you are to divinity itself.

Knowing and being that you are loved and fully supported at all times and you can have fun… it’s time to erase wanting, desiring, proving, searching.


05 Guidance MP3

Track 5: Activating Your Financial Freedom Toning

$27 Value

In this joyous, limitation busting toning, we claim our own universe around money and ask that our little selves join in the vibration of our highest self in infinite abundance & love. Fear and scarcity fall away and we rejoice in the knowing that we are supported and provided for in every moment.


01 Guidance MP3

Track 6: Activating Infinite Self Love:
The most important conversation you may ever have with yourself!

$167 Value

Now that our “little selves” have been re-resonated into our “highest selves” around money we embark on the journey of bringing our sweet, hurt, scared, and lonely “little hearts” into the expansive nature of divine, infinite love. Our highest self overflows with infinite love filling up and erasing all that has been done to our “little selves.” The words and energies that we’ve always wanted to hear for our “little selves” about relationships are finally given which is what has been needed to recover and heal the bumped & bruised parts of our hearts. We allow ourselves to receive the guidance and the healing vibrations from the true space of infinite love, releasing everything that has stood in our way of loving, and being loved infinitely.

Our highest self brings us more messages of joy:

You haven’t been disappointed, you’ve been divinely guided…Your heart and body are pure light & energy.

Once you’ve arrived in love, everything shows up to meet you in love. That’s the journey.

How beautiful and divinely orchestrated your life has been!


01 Guidance MP3

Track 7: Activating Infinite Self Love Toning

$27 Value

In this ecstatic toning, we step into ourselves, knowing the love that is all around us and in us. We remember the love and the joy so we can step into knowing that we ARE love and that is all there is.

Item 8

01 Guidance MP3

Track 8: The Secret to Activating Your God Body:
Connecting your body to the untapped energy of your highest self for total transformation.

$127 Value

We invite our physical bodies up to this divine playground, releasing all of the heaviness we have placed in them during this lifetime, while learning how the body truly communicates with the Universe. (Hint – it’s more awesome than you have even suspected!). We take in the vibrations of our infinite guidance and become a vessel of alchemy to shift into the higher levels of consciousness that are here to PLAY with us! SO FUN! AND, a very special secret is revealed about our bodies that will change the relationship you have with your body forever! Are you desiring a vibrational break-through of this magnitude, sweet friend?
The voice of the infinite body sings:

My beautiful spirit is growing up…finally realizing it is God, and the body doesn’t have to pretend pain any more – or unhappiness or sadness!
I’m excited we can finally be together!

Thank you, I love you…thank you for expanding!

Item 9

01 Guidance MP3

Track 9: Activating Your God Body Toning:

$27 Value

We are encouraged to express our own vibration in this transformative, expansive toning, dissolving discord, disharmony and pain, bringing our bodies into a new space of ecstatic living. We release our attachments and soar into infinite possibilities.

Are you ready to hear the long awaited messages from your divine self and live your greatest possible life NOW?

Each powerful, joyous segment of this ground-breaking package includes Rikka’s scientifically tested, carefully calibrated tonings, designed to bring you back home to yourself and to open the doors of infinite possibility. This allows you to easily merge with the pure creation energy of the divine and create your amazing, beautiful, divine life of PURE AWESOMENESS!

What are these incredible tonings and how can they benefit you?
Rikka’s HEARTMONIC™ Tonings*

These tonings have been scientifically shown to:

  • Lower stress levels

  • Balance energy in the body

  • Clear old emotional patterning

  • Unlock and release stuck energy

  • Regulate your autonomic nervous system (Which creates healing in the body)

  • Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body

  • Open up energy flow and healing in the physical and emotional energetic bodies

  • Improve organ and endocrine function

  • Improve functional performance level

All of these benefits were recorded within seconds of listening!

Chakra Toning

The tonings have been scientifically tested and they are energetically OFF THE CHARTS!!!

Each toning helps you connect to and strengthen your connection to your divine self, reducing resistance and bringing your whole body and being into alignment with pure love and divine energy.


Guidance Whole Packagespecial-offer-rikka


“Everything can be an adventure instead of what everyone says it has to be.”

Lily W, New York

“Rikka’s tonings clearly benefit the health of the human energetic system. With results like these, it would be valuable for anyone to listen these tonings several times a day.”

Tim Toula, Scientist, Dillon, CO

“This product will go beyond your wildest expectations and create miracles for your life!”

Peter W, Denver, CO



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Your 30-day membership is regularly priced at $147 a month and includes four 45-minute interactive live streams and a 90-minute group coaching call. After your FREE first month you can continue receiving the life altering benefits that being a VIB Member has to offer, or you can cancel at anytime with no questions asked. (If you decide to cancel we just ask that you keep rocking your awesome self and keep remembering the gift that you are!) PLUS you will receive access to over $6,000 worth of recordings as well once you continue in this awesome program! Imagine how much your life will expand when you receive personalized, focused facilitation from Rikka every week! During our life-altering, cutting-edge membership livestreams you’ll get to ask Rikka your questions and receive masterful guidance to powerfully support you in effortlessly dissolving all of your blocks and vibrationally moving you into your GLORIOUS INSPIRED LIFE! Are *YOU* ready to have *YOUR* life be PHENOMENAL and be FULLY SUPPORTED every step of the way?

Guidance Whole Packagespecial-offer-rikka

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biopicrikkaRikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, successful author and singer/songwriter, and is infinitely blessed and excited to introduce her new album Be The Change to the world! With every uplifting song on her new album Rikka also integrates unique toning techniques designed to shift every listener into a higher vibrational and energetic alignment!

Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people, radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does. Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!
Through Rikka’s Adventure in Oneness events, which include in-person and live streamed “eventures”, telesummits, teleclasses, an ever growing Membership Site and more, she empowers people to know they are the catalysts for bringing about transformation for themselves and the planet.

In addition to facilitating classes all over the world, Rikka has collaborated with internationally recognized spiritual teacher Panache Desai, and appeared alongside speakers and authors including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith, Lynn McTaggert, Gregg Braden, Les Brown, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, John Assaraf and other conscious leaders. Rikka appears on TV and Radio shows internationally as well as in print and online publications.

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