If you’re a woman who knows she’s fantastic in bed and gets turned on easy as flipping a switch… A woman who’s experiencing her fill of uninhibited, miraculous sex that slowly builds until you feel so loved up and connected to your partner you don’t know whether to melt or explode…

This message is NOT for you.

For the rest of us – beautiful, smart, sexy women wondering: “Where did my sex drive go, and how can I get it back?”

Consider this your initiation into the kind of vital sex life you thought was long behind you. A search + recovery team is on its way!

Sexy, Juicy, Joyful: Sex Drive! The Home Study Course is now available!

28 days to get turned on.

Sexy, Juicy, Joyful: Sex Drive!  Is a four-week series of recorded telephonic play-dates that reveal the Secrets of a Harvard Gynecologist to resurrect your hormone levels and double your sex drive through safe, clinically proven practices meticulously explained and compassionately guided by Dr. Sara. This is one of my popular courses with hundreds of happy and satisfied graduates to it’s credit!   Originally priced at nearly $1000, it’s now available to you as a home study course – at a fraction of the live version price!


Treat yourself to something rich, deep,intimate, warm, and juicy.

Get in on the fun + double your sex drive!


Here’s what you will receive:

Sexy, Juicy, Joyful: Sex Drive!  Is uber-packed with information you can put into immediate action including:

Week 1: We cover the “S” word – Stress. What’s behind it: cortisol, hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals (HPA).

Fact is, sometimes life is beyond our capacity to fully deal.It’s easy to get out of whack, BUT if you don’t learn how to take care of your adrenals, happy, juicy, sex AND your youthful vitality will suffer.Week 1 will reveal:

  • What stress does to your body. How it ages, depletes, de-energizes and strips you of your sex drive.

  • 3 meditations scientifically proven to reduce and metabolize stress while increasing sexual interest.

  • How to manage your energy properly with energy medicine, including meditation to “fountain” energy when you need it. It’s powerful and it works.

  • How to create, enforce and defend boundaries with these powerful chakra and Shamanic meditations.

  • Simple ways to tap into your hypothalamus and befriend your HPT with some delicious relaxation techniques that include sensuous essential oils.

  • The foods to avoid that send your sex drive into hiding–and how to coax it back.

Week 2: Is All about the Sex Hormones. The happy family: estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone.

You may think you have to resort to dangerous methods to bring these back, but fact is, you can adjust their levels–naturally, and Dr. Sara will show you how.  And watch out baby because when you do, you are gonna be on fire, in all the best ways, of course.Weak 2 continues the undercover mission with:

  • How your sex drive is part of your deep archetypal identity–learn about Jungian analysis of your sex drive.

  • How your gender roles evolve over your lifetime, and how to define your role now as woman, mother and sexual partner.

  • Why you get stuck wishing you had your 20s sex drive back–and how to snap out of it to get even better sex than she did.

  • MLF, Vixen, tart, virgin, whore, good girl – how to playfully accept your femaleness, wherever you are on the spectrum.

  • Ways to put the spring back in your sexual step – without pharmaceuticals.

  • Learn more than you knew possible about Female Sacred Anatomy….

  • Why your tests may be normal even though you still feel crabby, tired, foggy and blue. (You’re not crazy.)

  • Things you should know that go on behind the scenes in your doctor’s office.

Week 3: Your Thyroid + Bringing the Sacred to Sexuality.

Week 3 is the week of magical discoveries including:

  • Your thyroid – slow thyroid is one of the most under-diagnosed issues in women and most doctors are telling us its depression!  Guess what?  It’s probably now. And even if you don’t have a slow thyroid, you’ll learn how to keep yours happy for life (that alone is worth the price of admission!)

  • Surprising facts about the clitoris and g-spot–so you can turn yourself into The Goddess of Orgasm.

  • The secrets of the 1 o’clock position–what you and your lover need to know.

  • All about female sacred anatomy and orgasmic meditation.

  • Your inner “Charlie’s Angels”, the holy hormonal triad that governs sex, stress, and weight.

Week 4: Integration.

This week we put it all together so it makes sense for you and your lifestyle. You’ll go deeper with the information and the experience; you’ll integrate, and coordinate what you’ve discovered with your life so you can create, maintain and enhance your sex life and health now and for years to come.Everything you’ve learned and the tips and tools you’ve discovered will be yours forever to support and enliven your sex drive and the juicy, vital woman you are!

Ahhhh….  Can you feel the bliss just thinking about it?

You might be asking: “How is this program different?” 

The methods you’ll learn and apply in this program are safe, effective, clinically proven and easy for you to do at home with my guidance. Where else can you get a Harvard-trained doctor with 20 years experience supporting women just like you to a state of restored hormones and a revitalized sex life? Answer: No where else but right here. So, dive in.  While I don’t expect every one of you to feel confident about doubling you sex drive yet, here are 2 reasons why I have enough confidence for both of us:

I repeat, it is highly unlikely, HIGHLY unlikely that you need medication – of any kind – when you adopt the Secrets of a Harvard Gynecologist revealed in this program.

Hey, even the homework is a turn-on! 

Here’s how one woman put it: “I want to access that power I felt from always having a strong sex response. That joyfulness at my fingertips from easy orgasms.  That deep pleasure I felt from just thinking about sex. That satisfaction my lovers had from turning me inside out and leaving me beautifully exhausted. That’s all. I would like my sexuality up front again.”

I’d sign up for that—wouldn’t you?

Your Mission to Sex Drive Ignition begins now! 

It doesn’t matter if your sex drive has been AWOL for months or even decades, that’s about to change in a most juicy and proven way–courtesy of Secrets from a Harvard Gynecologist… It’s time to go undercover with me! What you would invest to have what you really want – delicious, hot, age-defying S.E.X.  It’s not your fault that your sex drive disappeared, it’s just a little hormone thing and together, you and me, Sister – we can get it back!

My Mission and Commitment + Your Guarantee

My mission at the Gottfried Center and through SaraGottfriedMD.com, is to help women – like you – feel sexy, vital and balance from your cells to your soul. My commitment is to provide you with the most cutting edge, research proven and data driven methods for restoring hormonal and sacred balance to your body and your life. Your no-frilly-stuff Guarantee: Dive into the entire first week of information for Mission: Ignition. Sex Drive! And if you aren’t convinced this is the most comprehensive, unique and fun program you’ve ever experienced, just let us know, and we will issue a full refund. Please note: Refund request must be received by midnight 7-days from the date your order was placed.  

Simple. Proven. Guaranteed.

Because NOW is your time.

Get in on the fun + double your sex drive!


Plus this mojo-upgrading bonus:

1-month FREE in the Get Vital, Stay Vital Inner Circle – Connect with Dr. Sara on live calls and in the secure, private Facebook group each and every month. Get your questions answered, stay up-to-date on the latest evidence-based, breakthroughs (you’ll be more current than your MD – promise!), get connected to your tribe of ignited, turned on women holding each other accountable to living vital life! It’s a juicy group and you’ll love being part of it!  Value: $97

Real results from real women:

“Mission Ignition was exactly what I needed to get my pilot light going at full force. It’s not just about sex drive; it’s about optimizing vitality in every aspect of our lives. Dr. Gottfried gave us all the concrete data as well as the action plans to realize our goals. I can’t recommend Mission Ignition and Dr. Gottfried highly enough. She integrates eastern and western medicine beautifully, as a teacher and practitioner.” ~Emily Hooker



“If I could consult with only one person in the field of women’s health, unequivocally, I would choose Dr. Sara Gottfried. She blends together the best of integrative and conventional medicine in brilliant and individualized ways. Her whip-smart intelligence, Harvard training, and constant careful research bring us the latest and best in women’s health. Add her extraordinary care, not only for her clients but for Mother Earth (She is the quintessential green organic gynecologist.), and she leaves the rest of us in the dust. All of these exceptional qualities make her the best integrative gynecologist in the U.S. Having worked with such greats as Dr. Christiane Northrup, I do not give such a recommendation lightly. Dr. Sara is here to bring greatness to our health world; we are fortunate to be on the receiving end of her wonderful gifts and expertise.” ~Rebecca Elia, MD


“Dr. Sara Gottfried’s ability and willingness to utilize all that integrative medicine can offer has been a powerful catalyst for a fundamental shift in the quality of my life. She has used her creativity and training as a physician collaboratively with me every step of the way… as a result, at 54, I feel younger and healthier than I have in decades. From revitalized energy and stamina to the coveted verve that often quiets before we are ready, Dr. Gottfried’s dedication to self-knowledge, understanding, and teaching of self-advocacy have helped me reclaim my edge… it is, to say the least, no less than glorious.” ~Sara Carter


“Dr. Sara Gottfried MD is the most original voice in Women’s Health today. Her brilliance, generous time spent to learn my story, incisive ability to analyze cutting-edge medical research and apply it directly to my issues, is unparalleled in today’s hurry-up health care world. In comfortable, open, and easy girl-to-girl talk, we’ve uncovered how several of my perimenopausal issues with sleep are related to low estrogen and high cortisol, and she’s corrected my breast tenderness – much to my sweetie’s delight. She will help you stay dreamy and creamy as you age.” ~Susan Harrow, Media Coach & author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul


“…went to Dr. Sara because I felt depleted and did not feel like myself much of the time. Thought I was having perimenopausal symptoms (sleeplessness, night sweats). She spent a lot of time talking to me about my whole life picture to determine what the best plan of action was for me. She prescribed low doses of bioidentical hormones as well as some supplements to get my hormones and energy back on track. Within a few weeks, I felt so much better! I’m forever grateful for her expertise and attention to me as an individual. Traditional western medicine treats patients as if we’re all the same…but all cases are different and our own bodies are constantly changing. During perimenoupause, it’s a process of tinkering and refining, and she’s great at guiding one through this process.” ~Madeleine Tilin of Austin, Texas


“Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, produces a phenomenal transformation in her clients enrolled  in Mission Ignition.  Using quantitative survey techniques, we were able to demonstrate substantial increases in energy and reductions in depressed mood (using an externally validated measure).  Further, the data show exceptionally high levels of satisfaction; the testimonials that we gathered in our surveys further document the efficacy of Dr. Gottfried’s techniques.  These results provide powerful evidence of the effectiveness of her programs.” ~Professor Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD