Prayer/Healing Call:
The Power of Forgiveness

with Adoley Odunton

Adoley Odunton has empowered thousands of people to make lasting and positive life changes in their lives. A physical breakdown due to constantly “running on empty” led to a wholesale reassessment of her life and a spiritual calling. Adoley became a licensed spiritual practitioner (ALSP) trained by Michael Beckwith (The Secret), a life coach and a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Kundalini Yoga instructor.

Listen to this call and learn:

  • RELEASE your fears, your worries and your doubts with faith and trust in the Universe

  • RECONNECT with the divine power that created and heals all things

  • RESTORE yourself using HO’OPONOPONO the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness and reconciliation

  • RENEW the feelings of peace, joy, harmony and love by practicing forgiveness of others and especially ourselves!

  • And much more ……..

Transform with the Power of Prayer

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