Transformation Tool of the 21st Century

with Peter Schenk

Modern Day Mystic Peter Schenk is part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries who are on the cutting edge of consciousness and awakening. He is a very contemporary energy healer, research engineer and software designer whose programs and services has united people from around the world. Peter teaches how to let go of the fear in people’s lives. He has an array of software programs that are fun, easy to use and gets results for people to align with their passions, reclaim their freedoms physically, mentally and spiritually and finally live the life they’ve always wanted!

Peter worked for one of the world’s largest banks for most of his fifteen year career. He learned the basics of his trade at Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology where he earned a BS in Computer Engineering.

So the majority of his early life was invested almost entirely into this intellectual aspect of life. But in the summer of 2004…..there was a new calling ….he followed the strains of a “new song” forming from somewhere deep inside of him. This led him to believe that a new application for digital technology was possible bridging the digital and spiritual realms that imbues specific frequencies into water and carries the frequencies of Higher Universal intelligence and Love. It all starts by simply programming water through a software program….place an intention and the results when they come in are staggering!

Listen to this call and learn:

  • Why Aquaware 4.0 is the only software program that allows you to recreate your world, way of being, and relationship with your health and vitality

  • How using 700 + pre-established intentions can help you break free from fear based and sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back from realizing your passions, hopes and dreams.(If you don’t see an intention you want to work on… there is a component written in the software program that gives you the ability to write in your own intentions.)

  • The process for incorporating the energy and passion of 20 of the most influential people in all of history including St. Germain, Stephen Hawkins, Albert Einstein, Nicolas Tesla, Mother Theresa, Michelangelo, Mother Magdalene. (This is super effective for people who want to enhance and supercharge their present abilities.)

  • How to use quantum layering sessions to automatically activate your daily designated schedule of intentions

  • The importance of realizing now that you have ability to put up to seven intents in a single glass of water! (No more getting additional glasses of water!)

  • The “portability factor of Intent cards” you can program yourself and take with you anywhere in the world…where you can’t take your Aquaware 4.0 program

  • And much more ……..

Harness the Power in Your Water Today!!

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