Releasing the “Genie from the Bottle” and Manifesting Your Greatest Desires with Sourxe IV Energy

with Peter Schenk

Peter Schenk is a Modern Day Mystic, energy healer, research engineer and software designer. Peter Schenk has compiled extremely remarkable intuitive intelligent computer programs that imbues specific frequencies into water. While exploring the quantum realms, Peter discovered an amazing secret of how to bridge science and technology into transformative software programs to reconfigure a person’s whole ‘beingness’ for optimal health, wealth, happiness and abundance.

And he’s here today… to share insights into how once we’ve released the “genie from the bottle” known as Sourxe IV….how it can not only give us our 3 wishes…..but ions more…..and more…….The most important question he asks you…is what DO you want to manifest first and WHEN do you want to start?

Listen to this call and learn:

  • Learn how you can access the most powerful ‘9 symbols of creation’ which are the very fabric of creation itself for manifesting your greatest desires….financial or non financial.

  • Discover how Sourxe IV software directs quantum codes that can actually alter your data path and change your reality to be the best you can be at creating anything you really want in life.

  • What is the importance of adding Light Paths to your intentions that leads to the highest outcomes/results and why Sourxe IV energy can do this for you?

  • Why you will never be limited if you are leveraging the awesome human “power of intention” using quantum physics, the quantum realm and Source energy.

  • And much more!!

“When you unlimit your thinking, you unlimit your potential.”

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Listen to the call!