Let’s face it. We’ve all been absorbing toxins from our food, water, air, drugs and environment for years. Combined with stress, this can lead to real health problems.

Are you having any of these toxic reactions?

Low Energy (weight gain)

Joint Pain or Back Pain


Poor sleep

Headaches or Brain Fog

Or one of the “Big Three” – Cancer, Diabetes or Heart Disease

For many of these conditions there aren’t any cures, the symptoms can only be managed and sometimes minimized. The really bad news is that many people have no idea how to deal with some of the common causes of these conditions such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other toxins in our food and water.

But I’m about to share with you one of the most effective natural healing secrets that scientists including professor Gerald Pollack have just recently discovered. Professor Pollack deserves particular credit for the discovery of a new type or phase of water between liquid and ice called “structured” water because it behaves like a liquid crystal.

This remarkable scientific discovery has worked for thousands of people using the fundamental element of all life – water.

Introducing “Liquid Love” water – scientifically known as “structured” or “exclusion zone” water – that will nourish your body and help restore your immune system by detoxifying your body. This naturally occuring water as nature intended it.

We call it “Liquid Love” because that’s what our happy user “Jo” calls it.

Don’t worry, “structured water” may sound like it’s made in a laboratory but it’s actually the water that is in every one of your body’s cells right now. It has the same molecular “structure” as natural rain or tumbled, mountain stream water. Bottom line – it’s the water your body craves and uses every second of every day.

Crystal Blue Travel size and Whole Home Water Structuring Units

Using a Crystal Blue Whole Home unit you can save hundreds of dollars a year in plastic bottled water costs while providing healthy structured, energized water for your entire house and family. Experience nature’s healthiest water while reducing global pollution. All while being easy to install and use as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.


The average person drinks 167 bottles of water per year at an average cost of $1.35 per bottle. For the average family of 4 this costs over $900 per year, just in bottled water that is proven to be full of harmful chemicals and even microscopic particles of plastic that are found in almost every plastic bottle of water.

You’ll start saving money and improving your family’s health and safety right away from having your very own naturally structured water like rainwater. Imagine what you could do with another $900 or so a year!

The Whole Home in-line unit gives you life-giving water for all your drinking and cooking water, in your shower and bathrooms, flowing through and nourishing your garden, pets and plants everywhere inside and outside your home


When you buy the whole home and travel units together, you save almost $500! And you have the “liquid love” of healing, cleansing, naturally structured water when you’re out, around town, at a local restaurant or bar or on the road travelling. You can even loan your travel unit to a friend so they can try it out for themselves.


With the Travel Unit you can drink amazing water whether you are home or out and about!

Plus You Get This Free Bonus Gift

Imagine waking up and starting your day with a shower of absolutely pristine water as if from the purest, high mountain stream. Then imagine drinking a tall, cool glass of this same refreshing and delicious pure water – the best you’ve ever tasted.

Now, feel your body inside and out being cleansed and revitalized by this water that comes RIGHT OUT OF YOUR OWN FAUCET.

It’s now possible for you to bring home these popular and versatile products of healing in a NEVER BEFORE OFFERED Special Offer combination

Watch this Incredible Proof

With approximately 90% of the human body made of water, there is nothing more critical to life. So why is it that so little attention is paid to the water, or any liquid that we are putting in our bodies? How can we expect our cells to absorb liquid which is no longer organized in a way that supports our cells?

The answer is simple, actually almost too simple: through restructuring what we drink. So what is structured water? Here let me explain…

Structured Water is natural water that has the properties it had when it was in nature like rainwater or a tumbling mountain stream. Structured Water contains powerful, life force energies that we are just beginning to understand. Technically, this is a fourth “phase” of water between liquid and ice that scientists have recently discovered.

Without adequate hydration our body breaks down, however with the right kind of water the cellular level we become so much healthier.


Structured water is not only about physical health – it’s about understanding the new science about the most fundamental element of our survival.


Structured water is water that has been restored to the state originally found in nature by a number of natural processes including vortexing or spinning – as it does in a free flowing stream.

When water is structured the molecules are organized in a crystaline structure that has less surface tension resulting in increased hydration and energetically enhanced nutrient absorption. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s natural and it works.

Here’s how structured water works for better hydration and de-toxification…



Get ready to welcome a life completely reshaped
simply by the water you drink…


The benefits of structured water include:

Increased hydration, increased absorption of nutrients in your food

Healthier bodies, skin, hair, and nails

Dissolves hard minerals in the water (due to lower surface tension)

Decalcifies the pineal gland, which can assist in expanding consciousness…

WOW… imagine water that clears away brain fog and expands consciousness!

By drinking more water – specifically energetically enhanced structured water, you give your body the MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE it needs to help you perform at your best.

Drinking nature’s living water has benefits that range far beyond most people’s understanding of the importance of being hydrated. Here are additional body systems that are impacted by the water we drink:

Your nervous system

Your cardiovascular system

Your gastrointestinal system

Water you choose to consume is used by every part of your body. Through drinking structured water – living water – your body, and each of its systems are more effective in fulfilling the functions of your life.

Drinking living water allows the utilization of nutrients from foods and supplements to become dramatically improved. Living water has increased oxygen levels, which assists in ridding the body of toxins and restoring the immune system.

Did you know that your body literally runs on water? Water is a key player in supporting:




Blood Pressure

Stomach Health


Skin Health


Kidney and urinary health

Joint Health

Graceful aging

And Even promotes better WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

All of these are helped or harmed by the quality of your water – is it living water or what some water scientists call “dead water”.

With this tool in hand, you can literally pour positive energy into yourself.

Not only are you able to consume the healing power of this life-giving water, you can BATHE in it as well.

Crystal Blue Travel Unit, Free Shipping in the US

Using the hand-held Crystal Blue Travel unit your free to go whenever you want knowing that you’ll always have safer and healthier drinking water.

The Portable Unit is the answer when you want to enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of structured water when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling.

This diminutive unit packs a punch, it creates the entire power of nature as it puts water through the cycle of vortices and energy imitating the cycle of water running from the mountain peaks tumbling through the rivers and streams making its way to the ocean. THEN evaporated again into rain.

This natural action makes pollutants, chemicals and pharmaceuticals less absorbable by your body creating cleaner and more energetically potent water, the way nature intended it to be.

Water that not only aids in healing… but heals the planet

Enhancements and features include:

Sleek beautiful design

Easy to clean and maintain

The entire unit is made from stainless steel and rare minerals including 24k gold

It is practically indestructible

So easy to take when you are on the go in backpacks, purses, lunchboxes, and more

It drains easily from either end and can be stored with either end up

It is dishwasher safe

Backed by a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 1 year warranty.

Use the Portable Unit For:

Traveling – structure your drinking water ANYWHERE

Structuring juices of any kind to bring even more flavor out of the juice

Taking into a restaurant – structure your water, coffee, tea or any other beverages you order

Structuring wine and alcohol to take the harsh edge off

The Travel Unit is a wonderful way to improve the flavor, help neutralize the toxins, and increase the energy of any beverage.

Enjoy the benefits of structuring your water, coffee, soda, tea, juice, beer, wine, or the beverage of your choice and because it’s small and portable, you can literally use it ANYWHERE.

Just pour any liquid through the unit into a glass or container. And, to have an even greater impact on what you’re drinking, you can pass your beverage through up to 6 times!

Use the water from your unit to wash or soak your fruits and vegetables before cooking them or pour warm water through the Travel Unit for pleasant footbaths. Consider all the ways you come into contact with liquids and imagine how a better experience with liquids will change your life.

Fill up the pet’s water bowls, the fish aquarium, or the birdbath, take it hiking or camping on your next vacation, eliminate films and streaking when you’re washing windows. The uses are truly endless!

Length End to End: 5.5″
Weight: 2.5 lbs

“I have grown so fond and appreciative of these little yet remarkable and powerful devices. I can feel myself able to hold more light and manage the life adventures that show up with so much more grace and ease. Just drinking water allows my consciousness and evolution to grow while assisting in balancing my health. One of the coolest conscious raising products I own.”
– Jennifer McLean, Host Healing With the Masters

“It gives me a great sense of confidence that I am doing the right thing for my body and my home in drinking this naturally energized and balanced water.”
– Hope Fitzgerald, Founder Wave Energy Center

“I love it. Nothing else tastes the same. I don’t drink anything else.”
– Jim Busconi, Massage Therapist to Stars and Professional Athletes

“LOVING THE WATER. I have been drinking the water for two days from the portable unit and it is amazing! The first day I felt like I could not stop drinking it. I drink at least 66 oz in the morning. It felt like 4 oz. It feels like my body is really using the water, rather than just a conduit of in and out. My fussy bladder is very happy. Little wonder that my body seemed to need the old water immediately out of me. Thank you!”
– Linda

“Thanks so much for sending me the Portable unit …. I absolutely love it and I’ve been trying to decide how to describe it’s wonderful benefits. Of course the first thing I noticed was the extreme smoothness of the water upon taking the first sip of the water that had passed through the unit. The next thing I noticed about 10 minutes after drinking a glass of this water was that my breathing had somehow changed; it seemed that the air that entered my lungs was more refreshing and slightly cooler, and that the air just flowed into my lungs slightly easier than normal with no restriction. I have no problem breathing but after drinking the water from the Portable it just seemed easier to breathe: the air seemed more vital and refreshing and it was suddenly kind of fun just inhaling air into my lungs. I thought this was maybe just my imagination but I have repeated this over and over and I am now certain that this water makes a change in a person’s blood or physiology in such a short period of time that is remarkable. Happy Hydrating,”
– Brian T

“I’m back from India – kinda. Hey, I took my device to India and tried it out in BOMBAY on ordinary tap water. (I musta been crazy, yeah!?) I drank the structured water and…am alive and well to tell the tale! I won’t do that again – I’ll structure bottled water instead: Bombay tap water probably contains dead bodies and god knows what else. I wasn’t thinking about that – just wanted to see whether “structuring” the water would protect me. Yes! love”
– Anthea G

Individual Shower or Faucet – Free, fast shipping in the US

Hydration happens from the inside out, and the outside in. Much like plants our body absorbs water, think about the last time you spent too long in the pool, river or ocean. Did you know you can absort nearly 7 cups of water during the average shower?

Just as we drink water that is filled with chemicals, the water from our shower has the same components. It’s why we have to use harsh chemicals to clean the “water scum” and “hard water marks” from our showers and bath tubs. Do you really want that on your skin?

SHOWER OR FAUCET enables you to have structured water for you and your family’s healthier skin, hair and nails and less time cleaning using harsh chemicals. This unit installs in an individual shower or under a faucet for renters or condo owners who may not have access to their main water line.

Enjoy refreshing, life-giving, energy enhancing water each day.

Prepare for the change you’ve been waiting for and begin living an empowered and energy-enhanced life with Structured Water.

Crystal Blue water Structuring Units

Energize your whole body as you clean your skin and hair.

Helps protect you from harmful water-bome toxins and pollution

Help increase immunity to illness and disease

Rejuvenate the skin

Dissolves mineral “hard water” build-up in water lines and fixtures

Needs less water and soap to get clean

The Shower Unit is an amazingly convenient way to enjoy the healthy benefits of bathing in structured water and is easily removed to take with you when traveling. Just like the portable unit, you can have the same amazing experience and continue to live with the addition of Structured Water wherever you are!

Use the Shower Unit:

For showering and bathing in Structured Water

For filling water containers

As an additional portable unit

For individual or temporary faucet use

Never live a day without Structured Water. This environment and the contaminants that we are exposed to on a daily basis can be minimized – it only takes one step.

Technical Specifications:
Length: 5.5″
Weight: 2.5 lbs

“I got my unit in this week. LOVE IT!!! The water is lighter and softer…even kind of effervescent! I use less soap in washing machine, dishwasher and in the bathroom. I also already notice a change within me…my skin is looking better…dark spots are lightening up, and it’s only been 4 days! The plumber asked about becoming a distributor… do you have that set up? Many blessings and many thank you’s!”
– Dot Schaefer in Montgomery


When I purchased the Structured Water Shower Unit I was delighted to experience what so many other testimonials had shared. Such as my skin was softer and no longer dry, my shower stall & fixtures no longer had deposits and scale, no more chemical smells in the shower water, and it is rejuvenating to be showered with structured water. However, I did not expect to save $1,100 and counting. And, that is the savings AFTER deducting the cost of the Shower Unit. I have lived in my rental for 7 years.

Despite using good drain traps, I would have to retain a plumber to come out every 3 months to clear the drain of hair that would get through and catch on whatever was in the drain pipe and stop draining (at $180/visit). After installing the Structured Water Shower Unit about 2 years ago, I have NOT had to have the plumber out once. From what I can tell, the structured water has dissolved whatever built up inside the drain pipe so that there is now nothing for hair to grab onto and just flows right through. Before I always had problems with a slow drain even though it is a new home built 10 years ago. Installing the Shower Unit is the ONLY change made to the shower or the pipes – and thus it is clear that this effect is from the shower unit. I felt confident that purchasing the structured water shower unit was going to be a health investment, but I did not realize that it would also be a wise financial investment. Because I have not had to pay for plumber visits since installation of the shower unit- it has paid for itself many times over.. and continuing. I am very grateful.”
– Deborah, California

“The first few days I loved drinking and washing my face. My skin is softer. But the ultimate experience was a bath!!! It was like swimming in liquid love! The water sang. I am sure you know I am not exaggerating. I felt like I was communicating with the water. It was an incredible experience and I was reluctant to let the water out the drain because I was going to miss it! My husband got in and said the water was so soft he couldn’t feel it! I have started telling all my friends and clients and anyone who will listen. Again – I thank you so much for this technology. If everyone had one the earth would be a very different place. All my love and gratitude!”
– Jo

“Our new device is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing. I use less shampoo. Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. The new water has rejuvenated our plants. My husband says our water tastes better too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter. We love the new ‘device’ and the new life it has produced in our water.”
– Lileth B. Randall, SLC UT

Crystal Blue Whole Home unit – Free, fast shipping in the US

Every homeowner should have this in-line unit installed in their main water line. It structures and softens all the water in your house not only making your water healthier to drink and bathe in, you will need less soap and harsh cleaners. An added benefit is that it dissolves the mineral build-up in your pipes and appliances saving you expensive repairs in the future.

If getting our proper hydration had always been this easy and pleasant, 94% of us wouldn’t be dehydrated as we are now. It’s true! Maybe the reason so many of us are so sick, is that many of us are dehydrated.

Structured water makes it easy and pleasant – even exciting – to achieve and maintain healthy hydration. Once you experience super-hydration, you’ll never want to go back. And being properly hydrated not only gives you more energy, it boosts your immune system to help you fight and prevent disease.

Your whole home unit will make sure your whole family, your pets, plants and even your plumbing all get the benefits of life-giving, naturally structured water.


Reduces or eliminates smell of chlorine

Cleans off toxic chemicals from fruits and vegetables

Reduces or eliminates hard-water deposits

Appliances and plumbing parts last longer

Dissolves calcium and iron deposits in plumbing lines

Saves time and money on equipment replacement

Sparkling dishes

Reduces amount of soaps and detergents needed

Reduces soap scum in shower

Crystal Blue Whole Home and Travel units – SAVE almost $500! – Fast, free shipping in the US

Naturally Structured Water at home and on the Road

Using Crystal Blue Whole Home and Travel units you can save hundreds of dollars a year for a family of four in plastic bottled water costs while providing the healthiest “liquid love” for your family. No more plastic water bottles going to the landfill and micro plastic chips and chemicals going into your stomach – just a houseful of healthy, happy people, pets, plants and even plumbing! 😉


The average person drinks 167 bottles of water per year at an average cost of $1.35 per bottle. For the average family of 4 this costs over $900 per year, just in bottled water that is proven to be full of harmful chemicals and even microscopic particles of plastic that are found in almost every plastic bottle of water

You’ll start saving money and improving your family’s health and safety right away from having your very own naturally structured water like rainwater. Imagine what you could do with another $900 or so a year!

The Whole Home in-line unit gives you life-giving water for all your drinking and cooking water, in your shower and bathrooms, flowing through and nourishing your garden, pets and plants everywhere inside and outside your home


If you move, these versatile structured water units are easily removed so you can take them to your new home.


When you buy the whole home unit and the portable unit together, you then have the “liquid love” of healing structured water when you’re out…” and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant or on the road traveling.



With the Portable Unit you can drink amazing water whether you are home or out and about!

WOW! Take advantage of this Limited Time Offer NOW!


“Two weeks ago we purchased a whole house structured water unit and a portable structured water device. We also took a chance and had our water softener removed and taken away.

Wow! My wife loves our structured water unit. She does not miss the water softener at all, her hair is soft and so is her skin. Another neat thing is for years she had been fighting with a skin condition on her nose that left the bridge of her nose rough and scaly and she had to use a prescription to make it go away, however |now in just two weeks her skin condition has gone back to normal and the rough spot is gone. She has also noticed that her skin is looking more youthful. I have noticed that my mental clarity and energy is much improved. I know that it is hard for us to get past some of the paradigms that we have grown up in which makes it difficult to believe that something like this can really work. My wife and I are very pleased with this technology and look forward to exploring more ways to using this technology and benefit from it. Thank you for developing this.”
Lin and Mike in Decatur Indiana


“Last August ago, I was fighting an extremely troublesome problem. There is a very beautiful, desirable Texas mountain laurel tree in my yard, but it continually had worms that live in these type trees…and as the owner I was constantly spraying the tree to preserve its beauty and get rid of the aggressive worms. Guess what! Now, months later the tree is in full bloom with no worms!!! So far, I have seen no worms…or the big desert roaches that try to creep inside our houses. I may never need an exterminator again!

Of course, I was already elated about having the whole house unit installed because of the wonderful pure water taste, and feel… when taking a bath or shampooing hair. Also, it was a good thing to be able to disconnect from the reverse osmosis equipment and the soft water system that I had before, because there is no need for them now. My structured water unit also flows into the pipes that supply the water to the plants and garden area around my house, and you should see the crop of fruit that it is producing this spring…pomegranates double in size, lemons almost as large as grapefruit, and the best tasting grapefruit and oranges ever. Also, the fig tree is full of lively, new growth and figs; the roses are fantastic, and the scent around my house is out of this world. The same structured water also flows through my pool, and the water looks and feels so silky. You need to come for a visit so you can experience this in person.”
Lil in Arizona

Amazing garden vegetables!

These pictures were taken in the garden, at the home of Mr. Laphon Puyo’s where his amazing tomatoes are watered with structured water.

He writes:
“I am retired close to the city of Pau, in France, and let me inform you about the results I have. The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden. Baths feel better, pH is stabilized to 7, I don’t have to use pH reducer anymore. And these tomatoes are out of this world! The one in the top picture is over 2 lbs (1kg) all by itself!”

Pau, in France

Use Less Soap, Smoother Skin

“Our new device is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing. I use less shampoo. Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. The new water has rejuvenated our plants. My husband says our water tastes better too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter. We love the new ‘device’ and the new life it has produced in our water.”
Lileth B. Randall, SLC UT

Dry Skin Gone, Lime Deposits Gone, Uses Less Fertilizer

“Since installing the device in my home, there has been a noticeable improvement in several areas. First is the very refreshing smoother taste. Baths and showers are more refreshing and my dry skin condition has improved significantly. Numerous other changes include no lime deposits on the shower heads, cleaner shower walls, and even the commode requires less cleaning. The swamp cooler is much more efficient, cooling faster and running less with similar temperatures as last year. When I went up on the roof to check it out I found the inside of the cooler clean, just like new. Further, after a unit was installed in my lawn sprinkler system, the grass is greener and requires less fertilizer.”
Bill C

Grow More Food and Revitalize Your Garden

“Last year our garden was absolutely the worst its been in years. This year however I used the structured water filter and WOW what a difference. I have never seen sweet corn that has looked as good as ours did. The cobs were huge! A number of plants got planted late, but they all caught up in growth in record time. The structured water has me sold. We planted some cabbage plants at least a month late and we now have wonderful heads of cabbage, the same with our tomato plants! AMAZING! THANK YOU!”
Sally Reed, Boyceville, WI

Here’s more amazing proof that Structured Water brings dynamic health to people, plants and all living things.

For your home garden and greenhouse, check these benefits!

Reduces water consumption by 25% – 30%

Increase plant hydration

Increase mineral uptake

Increase nutient density

Increase growth rate

Increase percolation rate

Increase transportation

Decrease evaporation

Reduces need for fertilizers and pesticides

Plants withstand lower freezing temperature

Up to 50% higher yields

Plus You Get This Free Bonus Gift

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