Ring of Air, Ring of Crystal, Ring of Earth, Ring of Fire, Ring of Water DVDs

The 5 Rings of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Crystal. These are the five human circuits in the body that correspond to acupuncture points when stimulated through massage and tapping on the points.

These respectively:

Raise DHEA
Raise Neurotensin and Oxytocin
Balance aldosterone
Increase calcitonin
Reduce free radicals.

In this DVD set, Dr. Norm Shealy demonstrates how to activate the energetic ring points by tapping and massage stimulation.

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A one-hour DVD of a live lecture overview of the essentials of Dr. Norm’s Shealy’s bestselling book on youthful aging.

Using today’s most leading-edge therapies and breakthroughs in the science of longevity, Dr. Norm Shealy shows us how we can healthfully age to one hundred, and beyond. By following common sense habits, we can expect an average lifespan of one hundred years. Adding the life-enhancing effects of natural DHEA restoration, stress reduction, meditation, reduced caloric intake, and a range of mind/body techniques may, however, give us another forty years of active, healthy living. Therein lies the available “fountain of youth.”

The result of years of clinical practice and research, Youthful Aging also exposes the fallacies behind many of the claims of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. These two groups, says Shealy, rather than increasing people’s life expectancy, create the opposite effect, consigning hundreds of thousands of people to an often miserable and premature old age. This revealing DVD provides the most ambitious, yet medically grounded and practical, longevity program available.


This DVD is a treasure trove of wisdom as Dr. Shealy shares his personal exercise program.






As Dr. Norm Shealy puts it, Energy Medicine is the future of our health. Shealy’s approach to Energy Medicine incorporates alternative and holistic therapies, offering you a practical guide with ten major complementary and alternative medical (CAM) approaches to nutrition and lifestyle mind-body medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, homeopathy, bioenergetic medicine, herbal medicine, dietary supplements and vitamins, chiropractic and osteopathic therapies and massage.


Discover the vitamins and minerals your body requires and what you should and shouldn’t eat for a whole list of conditions from one of America’s most renowned doctors and healers.

Learn what you should do for cancer, asthma, chronic fatigue, alzheimers, anemia, arthritis, depression, colds and flu, diabetes, diverticulitis, epilepsy, gallstones, indigestion, menopause, migraines, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, irregular heartbeat, prostrate problems, thyroid disorders, urinary tract infections, chronic sinus problems, pregnancy, peptic ulcers, hypertension, heart disease, gout, excess body odor, hernias and even more.


The key to health or disease. This thoroughly documented study tells the full story of DHEA the
critical hormone that holds promise as an antidote to the diseases of aging, from diabetes, heart
disease and cancer to depression and auto-immune disorders.



One of America’s leading pain specialists shows you how you can terminate pain.
After identifying the physical and emotional roots of your pain, you can focus on more
positive and effective approaches to the termination of pain.



An introduction to biogenics. Through a new-found awareness of body sensations, you can discover how refreshing true relaxation can be.






With initial relaxation exercises, Personal Healing provided a guided framework in which you can focus upon your own healing phrases and images.






Through healing attitudes, Pain Relief helps you conquer pain and balance body feelings.






Encompasses a variety of relaxation techniques and helps you develop your own healing goals.





MIRACLES DO HAPPEN: A Physician’s Experience with Alternative Medicine
(PDF Download)

This 287 page eBook by Dr. Shealy, offers an excellent explanation of many of the best, most helpful alternative health therapies. Joan Borysenko, the noted author of Minding the Body, Minding the Mind, sums up the book’s value in a blurb on the back cover: “The most valuable, practical resource in alternative medicine available today.”




SACRED HEALING – The Curing Power of Energy and Spirituality (PDF Download)
226 page eBook.

“Today, a spiritual revival is gaining momentum and sacred healing is reaching its greatest acceptance since the Reformation,” writes Cin Sacred Healing. As managed care makes modern medicine more and more impersonal, we are driven to recapture a sense of spiritual connection with our healing, says Shealy, a neurosurgeon, founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association, and author of many alternative-medicine books. Here Shealy explores miraculous healing, which goes beyond and cannot be explained by conventional medicine. He presents a brief history of healing, healers, and beliefs about spiritual healing. Then he explains why “sacred healing should be the treatment of choice when orthodox medicine has nothing to offer.” – Joan Price

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[testimonial1]Dr. Norm Shealy is an acclaimed neurosurgeon, former Harvard professor, the author of numerous landmark bestsellers on health and healing and has published over 300 articles and authored 25 best-selling books including his most recent book, Energy Medicine. He is currently President and Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine at Holos University Graduate Seminary, which offers doctoral programs in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. Dr. Shealy’s ideas have been the foundation for Dr. Shealy holds eleven patents for innovative discoveries, including the TENS pain control unit and the “Shealy Program” is the mainstay of chronic pain treatment and management sought by patients and physicians alike. Founder of several institutes, inventor of effective medical diagnostic and treatment techniques, winner of numerous awards and holder of several patents are only a few of Dr. Shealy’s many accomplishments and contributions.[/testimonial1]

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