Do You Want to Upgrade to an Empowered, Healthy and Truly  
Extraordinary Life?

What if you could manifest exactly what you wanted simply by using a software program that infuses your intentions for you by structuring your water?


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  • Enhance your physical and mental performance

  • Generate abundance in your life

  • Gain financial freedom

  • Bring out your spiritual powers

  • Get rid of all your health problems

  • Improve your relationships



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Hi Peter

I have been using aqua wear every day and loving it. I have been using the programs for joints and cartilage to help with my knees and they are much better. Funny story, I woke up this morning with pain in my knees and as I was running the water prep program, the pain was gone.

Oh, I forgot to tell you – when we talked on Sunday you suggested I use “cleanse and rejuvenate” on my sick friend and her sick dog. With in 20 minutes of her drinking the water she was up and cleaning and doing projects around the house. The dog is fine – and my friend is doing much better – thanks for the help.

Marguerite Ann

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What is AQUAWARE 3.1?

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Aquaware 3.1 is ground breaking technology unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced before!

This amazing software was created by Peter Schenk , energy healer, research engineer, software designer and Modern Day Mystic!

It is an intelligent downloadable computer software program that is simple to use that can imbue specific frequencies of intentions into your water.

It also uses sacred geometry to balance and integrate your energy field.

Aquaware has literally changed the lives of countless people and is now being offered for your personal empowerment – you are in charge of your life!

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There are approximately
in this program each with specific frequencies
in a variety of categories you can choose from

Each intention’s programming is accompanied by beautiful fractal artwork and carries the frequencies of Higher Universal Intelligence and Love. If the intention isn’t for your highest and greatest good – then it won’t work for you. But out of 500 possible choices from the programmed intentions list….the choices seem almost endless.

This is your chance to choose something DIFFERENTLY, not the same choices you’ve been making, that haven’t been working. There is nothing to over-think or over analyze, stop talking yourself out of this and just do it ….so you can enhance personal healing and transformation of your body, mind and spirit in ways you never imagined was possible!!

howworkblu copy

In order for the frequencies to charge your water, Aquaware first has to “blank-slate” your water. You see, wherever your water has been (treatment plants, through pipes, etc.), it has absorbed the energy of those people and places. The Aquaware purifies these energies so that the water is completely “blank” and ready for new frequencies and energies.

Once you’ve chosen an intensity level – anywhere from 1 – 100% (please start under 20%), you blank slate the water. Then you use the User Prep setting which is highly recommended to help your subconscious mind accept the intention frequencies. Lastly, you program your specific intention from the 500 select intents list. Results can be instantaneous in some circumstances or may take several days or weeks to manifest.

****** Please note: this cutting edge software will not support a Mac computer, unless you install an additional program. At this time it is intended for Windows 7 and above operating systems.

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Navitus 2.0 “High Energy Software”


“The purpose of this instant downloadable software program is to quickly and easily create “High Energy” in your life! Once “High Energy” is created, startling changes will occur in your activity level and enjoyment of life!

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*** Please note: this cutting edge software will not support a Mac computer, unless you install an additional program. At this time it is intended for Windows 7 and above operating systems.

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“Navitus is an extremely powerful tool. when I use it I immediately feel the waves moving through me, allowing me to synchronize my feelings and thoughts with a very high level of intent. I can see the charged qualities in the water after I have run the program, and when i drink the water I can feel the affect in my body! I am very excited about what I know Navitus is just the precursor of!!! thank you peter!!”

“I have just downloaded Navitus and “charged up” the first glass of water. Like many/all ? here I am very sensitive to energies. The Navitus frequency is truly quite potent and beneficial. I look confidently forward to receiving noteworthy long term benefits from the regular drinking of the water. One thought that occurred to me, since I can sense the energy from some distance away, is that placing small quantities of charged water here and there in an environment would certainly be one method for perking up the overall frequency in a given place. Thanks very much to all involved for making this “methodology” so available !!”

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Finding & Embracing Your Own Healing Portal MP3 Download


In this eye-opening workshop replay, Modern Day Mystic & Energy Healer, Peter Schenk enabled so many with the help of an UNEXPECTED “army of archangels“ to find their own healing portal….everyone has one! This was one of the most powerful and popular experiences offered on Peter`s live call workshops.

Whether you have that lingering pain, feeling lost or afraid, sometimes feeling you’re on an express train going straight to nowhere…Peter wants you to know you can release those fears and pain through your very own healing portal…you can heal and reshape your future!

“Healing starts… finding your own healing portal.”

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Rose – Simi Valley

Thank you Peter, Initially I thought my healing portal was goingto be in my Solar Plexus, but then I actually felt my healingportal come thru in my heart! I saw Archangel Michel, LordMetatron & Lord Melchizedek … It was amazing!!! thank you,Thank you, Thank you….

Lorie -Jacksonville

Thank you Peter. I had chills through my body right before you said you had the hairs on your arm stand up so I felt very connected to the work. This was so powerful. My portal is in the center of my head and was a bright bluish color and the energy went out through the top of my head. Wonderful. Thank you!

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As a part of this Special Offer You’ll receive 7 days of calmness, serenity and wellness transformational healing work from Peter Schenk. He ignites and infuses you with feelings of serenity, peace of mind, clarity and stillness allowing you to just simply BE.

Every day for 7 days…15 minutes a day. Starting at 7Am Eastern Time

Peter will do specific healing work EACH DAY that combines mystical wisdom, intuitive support and cutting edge technology – so that you can awaken more fully to who and what you truly are and what you need for the day! Peter does this work in private… remotely (not on a call)

**You will be notified by email when the remote calmness, serenity and wellness healing sessions will start.

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Peter Schenk, energy healer, research engineer, software designer and Modern Day Mystic!

Modern Day Mystic Peter Schenk is part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries who are on the cutting edge of consciousness and awakening. He is a very contemporary energy healer, research engineer and software designer whose programs and services has united people from around the world. Peter teaches how to let go of the fear in people’s lives and he has an array of software programs that are fun, easy to use and gets results for people to align with their passions, reclaim their freedoms physically, mentally and spiritually and finally live the life they’ve always wanted!

Peter had been working for one of the world’s largest banks for most of his fifteen year career after learning the basics of his trade at Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology where he earned a BS in Computer Engineering. So the majority of his early life was invested almost entirely into this intellectual aspect of life….but in the summer of 2004…..there was a new calling ….he followed the strains of a “new song” forming from somewhere deep inside of him. This led him to believe that a new application for digital technology was possible bridging the digital and spiritual realms that imbues specific frequencies into water and carries the frequencies of Higher Universal intelligence and Love. It all starts by simply restructuring water through a software program….place an intention and the results when they come in are staggering!

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