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Through sacred ceremony, a daily soul practice and journaling this 4 week program will guide you deep inside to discover the language of your soul. Through this process you deepen your connection to your soul, gain clarity and magical insights into your gifts, your life and your world. Imagine experiencing an effortless divine adventure and having tools and support systems to help you intuitively know how to achieve the radiant health, luxurious wealth and delicious relationships your heart desires.



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This is your personal step by step guide to connecting with your soul and your true inner gifts. It guides you to open up the communication channels with your mind, heart and soul, and align them in a way that you can actually listen and feel the messages your soul has for you.

The Guidebook outlines all of the steps to prepare for the special ceremony of connecting with your soul, which you can do at your home or office any time you are by yourself.


It includes powerful exercises to deepen the dialogue with your soul and gives you all the tools that you need to effortlessly create your daily soul practice.

The simple practice of spending a little “you” time every day and doing the steps in this guidebook will put you on a path to the life you always wanted for yourself.


karma-meditationThe Karma Clearing Meditation is a powerful active guided meditation that clears your energy field.  It has been specially designed with:


Breathing in a certain pattern is scientifically proven to alter brain chemistry, your energy level and your mood. So if you follow the instructions and do the exercises, you will experience it too. Anyone of any ability level can benefit from this meditation, even those with limited mobility, or even if you have never meditated in your life.

If you feel there’s something stopping you or a heavy weight inside – this meditation is perfect for you to start with.


YourSoulConnectionMeditationThe “Your Soul Connection” (YSC) Meditation is a deep, sacred meditation that literally sets your soul free to connect with your heart and mind and invite the ego to take a break.  It is intended to reconnect you with “the Inner U”- your intuitive voice, and support you in living your life aligned with your soul.

This relaxing meditation was carefully prepared and specifically designed to combine specific words, soothing sounds and vibrant imagery to facilitate the process.

It is simple, calming and empowering and you will feel different after it, because the YSC meditation includes divine affirmations, which is actually what your soul naturally desires to speak. Your perfectly aligned energy from this session will be embedded in these words.

Every time you say these affirmations – you will shift into your true and more powerful self, which will help you go through the day without being drained by others.  The more you recite your affirmations, the more magic and synchronicities you will witness in your life, and you will feel like the events and people that you want in your life are magically drawn towards.

Ever heard the saying “What we focus on tends to grow”?

If you will focus every day- even for a little – on the life that you want to create for yourself – you are more likely to get it. If you do it early in the day, before others distract you with their “to-do lists” – you set your day for a win right away. The Your Soul Connection Meditation and these affirmations do it effortlessly for you.

Two versions are provided- Women’s and Men’s


InnerUJournal-3DThe Inner U Journal is your best friend through “The Inner U” self discovery process.

This is where you get present to how you are feeling on multiple levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually and understand your overall balance.

This creates a new level of awareness of who you are being in the world, and how your soul speaks to you and what to do next. Your journal allows you to easily track your journey and your soul practice. Write down and keep those magical “aha” moments where your gifts begin to present themselves to you and so you can “shine”.

The Journal invites you to document what’s happening in your life for 4 weeks immediately after experiencing The Inner U Process. This is 4 weeks of listening and acknowledging magic and miracles in your life.



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Spend 30 minutes with me and you will magically connect with the essence of your soul. You can choose to receive one of the following:


If you’re not sure which option to choose, simply book your session with me and we will decide together during the first few minutes of your call!

Whatever the option you choose – it will still profoundly shift your life~

You can choose to have your live call with Jennifer at any point within the next 6 weeks:


Sessions are available Monday-Friday 9:30am- 3:00 pm EST

Personal Guidance

Achieve your personal goals for creating a magical life! I can help you awaken to your gifts and to learn how to live the life you are meant to live: full of love and grace. I provide the tools, tips and techniques to support you in achieving your personal goals – and you save years of frustration of trying to figure things out by yourself.

Have you had the experience of setting goals with intentions of following through, but then life got in the way and you let your dreams fall by the wayside?

That’s why me supporting you in tuning in to your true self will help these results stick.

You already have an unlimited potential to create a vision for your dream life and when you combine my personal insights and learning (which took me years of trial and error), with your intuitive instincts – you get new perspectives on life… Living from your soul.

Soul Reading

Receive a Soul Reading to gain insight about any area of your life:

This is the really important stuff that you care about, right?

Some times you can’t talk to your friends about these things- but with me, you will find that its perfectly ok, and you will feel a relief by just talking about this with someone who cares, and who will listen.

During your reading, I will tune in to your soul and act as an interpreter for you, sharing the messages your soul has for you. You can ask questions or for support on issues you may be working through.

I am clairsentient (I receive messages through feelings) AND claircognizant (a deep inner knowing).

You are welcome to record your session. At the end of the session I will leave you with recommendations to support you in the form of a Spiritual Prescription.

Energy Clearing

An Energy Clearing is a powerful energetic process that clears away Karma echoes — whether from this lifetime, future lifetimes or previous lifetimes and experiences. They are contained within the physical body or aura. The Karma that is cleared in a session is the dense energy that is holding you back from moving forward at that moment. This session can awaken and uplift you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each session includes a personalized Spiritual Prescription to help you move forward powerfully.


After taking The Inner U program
you will notice that you have:

More Focus & Energy: You will stop wasting time struggling with “I-dont-know what to do” and get more done daily, simply because you are clearer on where you are going and don’t get side-tracked by others. Focusing on the right “one-thing-to-do” daily will change your life.

More Money with Better Clients: Realizing your gifts will help you tap into and work in your genius zone. Get into a state of flow. This is how you will be able to charge higher fees for your work – because you will be a lot better than others, who do not work in their strong zone.

Healthier body: Your stress levels plummet as you become more in tune with your soul, because you stop creating frictions and going against what your soul wants.

You will get sick less, heal cuts and bruises faster and even look younger as you loose your worry lines and subconscious “clenching”.

Happier thoughts and Better Decision Making:  You will have more happiness daily and less drama as other people won’t drain your energy and zap your productivity. Help yourself get into balance before you try to help others with their problems. That’s how you live a better life right now and others will be more positive when they are around you. You will attract the right people and circumstances once you are tuned into your core energies.

30 Minutes of Magic with Jennifer will bring:

Clarity: Like your Spanish teacher, Jennifer can help you translate and understand some of the more complex messages from your soul.

Letting go: Through Energy work, conversation and meditation you can let go of energy that you’ve been dragging around for years. Stop feeling like you have an anchor that’s causing you to do the same mistakes in your relationships, your work and your health.

Forgiveness: Finally forgive yourself or others for mistakes from the past, so you can move forward, powerfully and with no inner friction.

Passion:  Jennifer can help ignite your passion for life, passion for your relationships, passion for what you are bringing to life in the world and give you a spiritual prescription for how to keep that passion alive consistently.



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[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]I’m willing to do this because I believe it will truly help you achieve your dreams. If you’re not satisfied with the program, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. Try it risk free today!

This package may contain digital items (Videos, MP3s, PDFs, etc). These packages may contain physical items (DVDs, CDs, Books, etc) that will be shipped to you. Every reasonable effort will be made to ship your order within 2-4 weeks. If we experience delays outside of our control, you will be notified and offered a new ship date or a full refund. Customs duty charges are the responsibility of the buyer. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at: support@adoley.com.[/guarantee_box_1]

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Jennifer Lyall is a sought after spiritual development expert who has the unique ability to guide others to connect with The Inner U – their inner force, their soul. This helps them to develop and believe in their inner gifts and clearly see what they need to do in their life, sensing their highest potential and finally embrace their truth & passion.

Clients who work with Jennifer discover they intuitively know how to achieve the radiant health, luxurious wealth and delicious relationships their heart desires.

Jennifer is a Dowsing Ambassador for the Canadian Society of Dowsers, spiritual mentor, third generation energy worker, internationally published author and inspirational speaker.

Jennifer loves playing with her kids, hiking with her husband, hugging trees and having delicious conversations with high vibing friends.  All fun parts of her spiritual practice!


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