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Download instructions: (Please read Carefully)
Depending on how your computer and Web browser, if you left click the download buttons, the tracks may begin to play automatically through your Web browser. If this happens and you wish to save the file to your computer, right click on the download button and select “Save Link As”.


If you are using a Mac and have trouble : If you have QuickTime Pro, there will be a “save as” option right on the player. But if you don’t want to pay for the “Pro” version, you can simply go to the “Window > Activity” menu (in your web browser), from that list find the file you want to download (the actual mp3 file), click on it (to select it), and then hit “Copy”. Now open “Window > Downloads” and hit “Paste” and it will begin to download. The file itself will then be on your computer, wherever your downloads normally land (typically in a “Downloads” folder) and can be put into your iTunes or played however you play mp3 files.


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This is your personal step by step guide to connecting with your soul and your true inner gifts. It guides you to open up the communication channels with your mind, heart and soul, and align them in a way that you can actually listen and feel the messages your soul has for you.

The Guidebook outlines all of the steps to prepare for the special ceremony of connecting with your soul, which you can do at your home or office any time you are by yourself.




karma-meditationThe Karma Clearing Meditation is a powerful active guided meditation that clears your energy field.  It has been specially designed with:




YourSoulConnectionMeditationThe “Your Soul Connection” (YSC) Meditation is a deep, sacred meditation that literally sets your soul free to connect with your heart and mind and invite the ego to take a break.  It is intended to reconnect you with “the Inner U”- your intuitive voice, and support you in living your life aligned with your soul.

This relaxing meditation was carefully prepared and specifically designed to combine specific words, soothing sounds and vibrant imagery to facilitate the process.





InnerUJournal-3DThe Inner U Journal is your best friend through “The Inner U” self discovery process.

This is where you get present to how you are feeling on multiple levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually and understand your overall balance.

This creates a new level of awareness of who you are being in the world, and how your soul speaks to you and what to do next. Your journal allows you to easily track your journey and your soul practice. Write down and keep those magical “aha” moments where your gifts begin to present themselves to you and so you can “shine”.