The Wellness Revolution Speakers

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The series is designed so listeners can join in at different times so we cannot tell you when speakers appear by date but we can tell you which week they are in.

Each week features four new speakers.  These speakers are also replayed over the weekend.

Their Special Offers are ONLY available during this period.

We will replay a call when we get a Special Request, so let us know your favorites.

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Adam Heller, Pain “Banishment”

Zero Pain Now – Eliminate Back & Body Pain Forever
Jim Oliver, Grammy Nominated Composer

Stress Reduction and
Transformational Healing with Music

Clayton Nolte, Inventor & Engineer

Super Hydration and Detox with Structured Water


Jeffrey Gignac, Expert in Brain Fitness & Brain Wave Entrainment

Flexing Your Happiness Muscle without Breaking a Sweat

Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Power your Mind,
Change Your Life
Dr. Jade Teta, Integrative Physician

How to Generate 48 hours of FAT BURNING from 15 Minutes of Exercise
Dr. Susanne Bennett,
Holistic Physician

Reverse Your Skin Age Naturally for Vibrant, Youthful Skin


Caroline Myss, Celebrated Author
& Medical Intuitive


Why People Don’t Heal and
How They Can
Christel Hughes, Multi-Sensory Intuitive and Holistic Life Coach


Science of Intuition…
Awakening to Your Higher Self
Kenji Kumara, Quantum Healer


Immersion Into The Miracle Zone: Healing The Wounds
That Bind You
Dain Heer, Co-Creator
of Access Consciousness, Best-Selling Author

Healing & Generating Change by Embracing All of You


Rikka Zimmerman, Global
Leader in Consciousness, Speaker, Author

Guidance from Your Higher Self


Dr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, National Expert on Weight Loss, Nutrition & Health


New You in 22

Dawson Church, PhD,
Author, Researcher, EFT Specialist


A Pathway to
Freedom – The Power is in your Hands – EFT
Christiane Northrup, MD.
Pioneer in Women’s Health and Wellness

Women’s Wisdom,Women’s Bodies


Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD, Best selling Author & Pioneer in Integrative Medicine

Real Life Healing Miracles
and How You Can Create One In Your Life

Maria Whalen,
“Health Solution Warrior”

Invincible Wellness: Ditch the Diagnosis


Jennifer Lyall, Intuitive Personal & Business Coach


S.O.U.L. –
The 4 Step Method to Connect with your Inner Force
John Newton, Creator, Ancestral
Clearing Techniques

Health Beyond Belief


Jo Dunning, Energy Healer, Creator,
Quick Pulse Technique

Listen and Receive


Dee Wallace, Actress,
Energy Healer, Author


Your Soul Is the Window
To Your Body
Marilyn Jennett, 
Prosperity Coach, Author

Two Weeks to Unexpected Income: The Universe on Speed Dial!®

Mashhur Anam, Alchemist of Life Transformation

Your Bridge to the 5th


Marci Shimoff, Best-Selling Author & Transformational Expert

Happy for No Reason


Julie Renee, Master Health Activator Creator of Quantum Cellular Mechanics

Tap into Your Divine Resources with Quantum Mind Mastery

Gail and Gregory Hoag, Experts
in Sacred Geometry & Consciousness

Sacred Geometry: The Pathway to Source and Abundance

Todd Ovakaitys, M.D., Leading
Scientific Researcher and Expert in Rejuvenation Medicine

New Discoveries in Anti-Aging & Advanced Human Performance

Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer
& Relationship Coach




Jill Mattson, Musician,
Composer & Sound Healer

Vibrational Sound Healing

Adoley Odunton

The Healing
Power of Prayer