[content_box_yellow]“Dr Robert is the real deal! Truth and Love flowed through him. I am blown away!” ~ Dorothy[/content_box_yellow]

Choose From 2 Special Breakthrough Technology Activations Packages!

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Experience a spontaneous Life-Changing Private 30- Minute Rainbow Frequency Activation and  Personal Reading With Dr. Robert Pease.  You will receive a downloaded recording of your private session with Dr. Robert. ($300 Value)

Included in your Intuitive and Vibrational Numerology reading with Dr. Robert Pease, you will receive:


  • 30 Minute Personal and Private Consultation with Dr Robert Pease (Value $300) to uncover any karmic blocks inhibiting you from getting the results you need in life to be fully embraced in happiness. Dr Robert will energetically clear all past karmic ties connected with your Soul Plan in this life. As a highly regarded intuitive master numerologist and healer, Dr Robert can get to the heart of the issues that are preventing you from moving to the next level of your adventure.

  • The benefits of having a personal private consultation with Dr Robert will allow spontaneous miraculous healings and total transformation to occur. On one level the information he shares from Divine Love are awareness shifts and on deeper energetic levels the vibrational information which comes through works instantly to resolve and clear blocks that are unseen.

  • This thirty minute private and loving connection with Dr Robert is a jam packed vibrational healing session to focus on shifting and transforming belief systems that are negative affirmed programs into positive and enriching opportunities for happiness.

  • You will receive invaluable information to unlock and unblock your frequencies inside your blueprint to resolve physical, mental and emotional distress.

  • Included in this session is the download of the complete audio recorded session. Listening to the recorded personal session with Dr Robert will continue to raise your frequency attractor factor every day.

 [content_box_yellow]“You truly are a very loving, generous, and kind mentor…with a magical quality too.  Like a loving father  to his beloved child… you guide us with words of love, wisdom, and inspiration…that few others ever could. There is truly  so much we can learn from you. Thank you again! God bless!” ~ Regina[/content_box_yellow] [content_box_yellow]Thank you so MUCH! You are right on the Money! :) I have indeed been working on my slow pace and procrastination. It is very refreshing, uplifting and empowering knowing that I am on the RIGHT Path. PERFECT. Many Blessings Thank You Again Dr. Pease.”~Maria[/content_box_yellow]Item-2-Personalized-Activations2


Activation of Personalized Combinations of the Missing Number Frequencies in Your Life Path Blueprint

Register and receive an email from Dr Robert Pease with the downloadable audio recordings including all activations of personalized combination of your missing numbers CUSTOMIZED JUST FOR YOU!

  • Everyone has special combinations of “missing number frequencies” that effect how you create and manifest. The missing combinations impact your ability to release frustration, procrastination, unwillingness, mental inflexibility, commitment, stability, intuitive responses and communication plus many other combinations. Knowing which missing numbers are creating unhealthy life patterns and having the frequencies you need to shift into a balanced lifestyle is invaluable living!

  • The audios of the combinations of missing number frequencies are exclusive to this package and are not offered by any other program. You will unlock the frequencies that are vital to complete balance in your life.

  • Simply listening to the customized audio mp3 downloads for a few minutes each day will enhance and expand your ability to manifest all that you need and required to feel whole and vibrant in living the life you are meant to live.

 [content_box_yellow]“I want to thank you. You give so much really valuable content and you are very clear and organized in the way you present it.  When you look at someone’s birth date you give so much information and intuitive insight. You shift into a rapid fire expression of sharing, so that the mini reading that is given is of really high quality and substance.”~ Joanna[/content_box_yellow] [content_box_yellow]“Thank you! Thank you! What an amazing amount of information. I much more understand who I am and how fabulous my life is already. You are so giving of your knowledge, experience and love. I was feeling so lost and couldn’t find my way. The information brought me back into center. Your vibrational sound techniques inside the numbers is amazing! I am feeling so clear. I am dancing!” ~ Sharon[/content_box_yellow]



Download – Activation of Soundsation® Numerology *18 mp3s*complete Audio Downloads of the system 

Each audio includes all the specific vibrations and frequencies for each of your numbers in your birth chart including the missing number frequencies so you can instantly download and begin to listen to the specific audio sessions you need right now. Offering personalized vibrational tones uniquely aligned for you from the expanded awareness of Self. There are also customized tones for specific combinations of missing numbers to create a greater sense of balance and harmony. The personalized and customized tones also include audio meditations exclusively for this package. Dr Robert Pease has created both recordings for either listening to the frequencies and also guided visualization and affirmation meditations for a deeper experience of the frequencies.

  • Combining the Ancient Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies and Brain Wave Technology with the Sacred Geometry in Numbers

  • Applying tones to the combinations of “Missing Numbers” in a birth date to access higher frequency responses in a person to raise the lower vibration protocol to assimilate maximum potential in the Soul to experience awareness of joy and happiness.

The quantum value of each audio session includes:

  • Healing frequencies to eliminate the core causes of physical dis-ease.

  • A greater expansion of personal calmness and peaceful mindfulness in daily activities.

  • Equalization of all number vibrations both revealed and missing in your birth path.

  • Resolve conflicts from blocks inherent indecisiveness and confusion.

  • Create a meditation practice easily performed by relaxing to sound and channeled prayers daily.

  • Opening to channel more clearly the messages from your true Self.

  • Liberate feelings of guilt and fear while turning sorrow into joy.

  • Transforming blocks into miracles while repairing DNA.

  • Reconnection to Soul expression through greater balanced relationships.

  • Eliminate self – doubt through expanding creative intelligence.

  • Facilitate change more efficiently and effortlessly.

  • Return to a perfect state by experiencing a connection to Oneness.



Encoding the infinite combinations into frequencies and applying them to the birth date numerology, the impact of raising lower vibrations to the fullness of their highest vibration support repairing and correcting all disturbances in the unique “field” created by each person.

Application of the “numerical tonal combinations” replace the lower vibration of the “Hidden Codes” within birth numbers, allowing reception to be a calming effect on a person’s mindfulness.

How is this created? Through engineering higher vibrational tones into the numerical blueprint of a person’s birth date a more positive and higher frequency is introduced into the discordance embedded in the individual mind.  When a higher vibration is introduced into a daily practice of stillness the lower vibrations will automatically raise to the level of the more positive vibration.

The vitality of the “missing numbers’ in a numerology blueprint is naturally attracting and receiving. However, due to social and cultural belief systems a person will focus on what they do not have, what talent they feel they lack or social flaws examined in society as unattractive, unpopular traits will cause a person to believe they are not whole and are missing important attributes to successful living. These traits will become the systems of negative re-enforced beliefs which restrict normal growth based on a false belief of scarcity in the universe.

Eliminating these false beliefs through new awareness can be timely and costly. It is possible to illuminate and expand awareness through applying techniques to shift the vibrational ‘field” rapidly. The “missing” numbers are receptors to receiving and allowing not for expressing fault, blame or shame.  Shifting the value of the vibration is the key. By simply applying the necessary “numerical tonal combinations” to a daily practice of listening to the sounds and prayer may shift the blocks to open channels of receiving fully.

This process is a series of 2 sets of 13 (total 26) Audio Mp3 downloads. One series is 13 guided sound meditations with subliminal sacred symbols to activate the birth date numbers and the missing numbers and the other series is audio frequencies only.Signature-copy1




[content_box_yellow]“Understanding more about how one’s numbers affect choices, thus behaviors, can be a superb win-win-win!” ~ Tori[/content_box_yellow] [content_box_yellow]” I just really really wanted to thank you, it truly was a fascinating phone call and you are such a blessing! Your understanding and vision is beyond anything I have ever seen or heard before, it was awakening. I was sitting in awe trying to comprehend all that you knew and felt, and it reminded me that this life is just a dream and I’m the dreamer, or this is my movie and I’m writing the script.

You really helped put things into perspective so thank you again so much! Sending you much love and appreciation, you are such a beautifully crazy soul!”

 ~ Diala[/content_box_yellow]Item-4-Life-Path-and-Missing-Number-Chart1


PDF Download – Companion Guide:  A Description of How to Use the System

A complete Script for you to be able to Chart Your Life Path and Missing Number Path Numerology so you can know which audio sessions you need immediately. A description of each master session and what is included in the meditations. There is also a FAQ to guide you in getting the most out of your sessions.


[content_box_yellow]“Dr. Robert Pease  has such an amazing gift and depth of knowledge that goes beyond anything I have ever experienced with numerology.  Dr. Robert used my numbers to share his intuitive and vibrational numerology and boy was he right on.  During our session I gained so much clarity about me and my life.  And, everything finally made sense. I can’t wait to work with Dr. Robert further.”  ~Theresa[/content_box_yellow] [content_box_yellow]“My stress is reduced tremendously. The journey into my temple and connecting with all the love in my life brought tears to my eyes. I feel so much better. Thank you for this huge gift of healing!”  ~ Karen[/content_box_yellow][content_box_yellow]“I recently received a reading from Dr. Pease and I was truly astonished… This was not my first reading but was certainly the most enlightening one! Robert’s skill is unmatched not just due to his vast experience but his keen intuition and genuine compassion make him a true healer. I have gained much clarity and sense of direction.” ~ E.S.[/content_box_yellow]



Choose Your Transformational Frequency  Package

Prism Matrix Activation


Rainbow Matrix Activation


This is a limited time offer from Dr Robert Pease!

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Package #1 Prism Matrix Activation

Package #1 includes

  • Email and mp3 Download -Customized activation personalized for YOU. 

  • DOWNLOAD – 18 MP3 Audio – Activation of Soundsation® Numerology 

  • “How To” Companion Guide Download: Life Path and Missing Numerology Charts

Value $ 1300 – 90% Savings

Total Package


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Package #2 Rainbow Matrix Activation PLUS Private Session

Package #2 includes

  • ONE  30-minute Private Session with Dr Robert Pease to Activate Your Higher Frequencies .

  • An mp3 audio download of the session for your archives.

  • Customized Activations for Your Missing Number Frequency Combinations.

  • 18 MP3 Downloads – Activation of Soundsation® Numerology 

  • “How To” Companion Guide Download, Life Path and Missing Numerology Charts 

Total Value $ 1600 –  90% SAVINGS

Total Package