The Wellness Revolution and Jaimsyne Blakely invite you – and your soul – to adapt a sophisticated and powerful system for SHIFT. Now is the time to reach your potential, expand your intuition and get clear and grounded in your life and soul’s vision.

Experienced in the fields of intuition, creativity, human potential, empowered leadership, and angelic guidance, Jaimi Blakely’s tools for rapid life, business and creative transformation and a trifecta of intuition, business acumen and vast understanding of energy will not only lead you to experience clarity but create breakthroughs to success and a soul-full, healthier, happier life immediately!

On this podcast, hear Jaimi explain how we now live in the age of infinite possibility with vast resources of untapped potential… much of it lying dormant inside us. Your soul longs to express itself and calls to you each and every day. She wants us to stop living in chronic states of fear, pain, lack, worry and dread and relax IN to the soul where limitless potential is secreted within it. Learn how the tools Jaimi offers can give your soul a VOICE to express and actualize it!

Finally,  a way to tap into your soul and all its glorious potential!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

7:27    The Biggest Lie People Tell Themself
10:40   How To Break Through Stuck Places
16:00   Knowing The Next Step
17:00   Amplifying Your Lifeforce
18:14   The Importance Of A Morning Practice
25:11   Taking The First Steps
34:16   Behind The Naming Of “Your Soul Is Full Of Shift”
37:50   The Role Of The Soul
38:55   Do We Ever Master Our Heart?
40:31   The Role Of The Spirit
43:31   Signals In Meditation
49:00    Asking For Your Purpose And Expecting It
50:28    About The Special Offer
1:09:53 A Mirror Exercise For Release

Our festival of WOW! (Wellness, Oneness, Wealth!) continues over the next few months as we are joined by some of the top spiritual leaders and visionaries in the world. So if you haven’t registered yet to take this blissful journey with us, then please do so and spread the word. Here’s where to sign up to get in and receive your bonus gifts valued at over $500.00!